You might have known about this quote from Barry Goldwater for some time, but I feel it relevant here. The current Republican Party is demonstrating what it means to spare no compromise and Goldwater predicted this would happen:

“Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them.”

That is the essence of what we are dealing with in the GOP now. They used to be reasonable people. Now, I see them as the enemy of the First Amendment. I see them living in fear and that is why they refuse to compromise. The Evangelicals appear to have placed their jealous and punitive god squarely in the center of their politics. And now that they have control of the GOP, they’re not about to let go any time soon.

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