2 min readAug 9, 2022


You lost me at “useful idiot”. If you want to change minds, you can’t call them names. As far as I’m concerned, you’re cheerleading escalation. You’re willing to risk a nuclear exchange. You’re an investor. You’ve got some skin in this.

You want to dispute someone who’s not a useful idiot? Go here:

I’m sure you can cherry-pick her facts. I notice your comments are absent there.

If you’ve got time, cherry-pick this one, too:

Yeah, you’re not there, either. But you come to me. Me. Whatever for? I’m worth your time? You think you’re going to change my mind after insulting me with your articles?

Oh, yeah. I read at least one of your articles about Me. You sure know how to change minds.

Since you’re an investor spending valuable time analyzing my articles, there must be something in it for you.

What’s the payoff for you?

You’re motivated and you have an idea, maybe even an agenda.

Here’s what I think when I see wars about “freedom”. I replace the word “freedom” with “natural resources”. I did that with the civil war. I did that with the second world war. I did that with the Vietnam war. I did that with both Iraq Wars. It’s an easy substitution to make.

Because every time I look at the war in Ukraine, I keep coming back to “natural resources”. You know, greed. and if you’re smart enough and old enough to short the Yen back in the day, you know that the purpose of the strong dollar is to move jobs overseas. You helped to facilitate that for Americans. That’s greed, buddy.

So here’s are a few more substitutions for you.

Lester Golden = escalation

Lester Golden = monopolist

America is a better hegemon than Russia.

Let’s hear it from you. What do you want from me? Spell it out for me. So far, all I can see from you is catharsis.

Let’s see if we can find some common ground because you’re not looking for it here.