You know, I’m #stillsanders. There is one particular reason that I am: Bernie is the only candidate in a nationally televised debate, to say without equivocation, reform campaign finance for there will be no other reforms.

When I see the other candidates talking about campaign finance reform with same urgency, the same words, then I will give those other candidates the same consideration that I do with Bernie.

Bernie has consistently polled for years now, as the most popular politician in the United States. He has the name recognition he needs to get elected. Hillary had the cooperation of much of mainstream media and still came very close to losing. I know you will disagree with me on this point, but I still remember all the delegates that walked out of the convention.

If you’re message is “any Democrat will do”, I would have to disagree. What I like about Bernie is that he doesn’t have to win the primaries. I believe that with him running, the other candidates will have to crib his message if they want to succeed. They will have to follow his lead and reject the big money in favor of small contributions.

And if those other candidates still believe that big money in politics will help them win, they will still “owe” something to big money in politics. A political gift implies a debt, and no matter how good your intentions are, you will always feel indebted to that big money. Here, I’m thinking of Beto, Harris and the others. Maybe not Warren, though.

As to that resentment you speak of, I don’t see much of it. I must be reading different sources than you. And though you say you’re not taking a dig at Bernie, your article is tantamount to a steam shovel.

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