When People Tell Me, “Trump Is Your President”

What is repressed is obsessed. What is obsessed, finds expression somewhere, somehow.

I just want to be clear here. I don’t hate our president, Donald J. Trump. I don’t know what he’s like in person, though I suspect I might even get along with him in person, and I don’t really care what he does in his personal life. He’s just a man and I see him as nobody’s hero. I do, however, take great disagreement with some of his policy positions, and I am not pleased with his apparent lack of empathy for others.

In fairness, I had hope for Barack Obama, and when he was done, I was sorely disappointed with him. My primary concern with Barack Obama was that he lent his full support of the original bank bailout in 2008 and plunged this country into years of economic constipation. The bailout saved the wealthiest investors among us when it was clear that they should have had their fortunes destroyed for their participation in the housing bubble. Somebody should have been prosecuted and sent to jail. Didn’t happen. The banks should have had to declare bankruptcy so that their parts could be sold in a firesale to allow the economy to keep moving. Instead of using the bailout money to help the economy, the bankers used the money to prop up prices of their distressed assets and pay giant fortunes in salaries and bonuses.

When Trump won in 2016, I was wary. I really didn’t know what to expect. I already didn’t like him for mocking a disabled man, but I wasn’t really sure about his policy decisions. Then I saw how he went through the government, “shaking things up”, running the government like it was his own personal business. I saw Steve Bannon behind him, rubbing his hands together with glee. I began to develop a distaste for Trump.

It’s been three and a half years now. I’ve seen a long series of policy missteps, numerous examples of personal enrichment from the government, and nepotism beyond the pale. There are stats that say he’s actually lost money as president, despite his complete and willful failure to divest himself of assets that could gain value as a result of his decisions. But his kids are making bank. Ivanka, in particular, has been using her position to secure trademarks from the Chinese government for her own business ventures there.

Trump and his kids are living the myth of their entrepreneurial spirit when in fact, they have lived from day one, with ample basic income from a family business that will never let them fail. They will never be destitute in the streets for their failures. They will always have someone to bail them out, much as Donald Trump had his father to bail them out. Trump himself has received numerous “loans” from his father, equivalent to $413 million in current US dollars throughout his life, in support of all of his businesses. Trump has never really faced the risk of destitution from failure.

Against this backdrop, I see a president possessed of his own confidence. I see a president who doesn’t take responsibility for his mistakes. I have never seen him admit to a mistake. I have never seen him apologize to anyone. He believes he is capable of perfection, when it is plain to see, that he is not.

I saw how he handled the pandemic. I saw how he loafed about for 6 weeks in January, and how he did not marshall resources to inhibit the spread of COVID-19 across our country at the start. I saw how played hide and seek with desperately needed supplies, delivering them only where there was a political payoff, seizing them when there was not.

I saw how he handles Congressional oversight. He hates it. He denies it. He has made no suggestion that he believes in checks and balances in government. For those who think that those investigations are a sham, you might consider the possibility that those investigations were prompted with good reason and in good faith. If Trump has done nothing wrong, then he would have no problem complying with the subpoenas and the lawsuits. He would not be firing Inspectors General willy-nilly when it suits him. He would simply show the evidence to support his claim that Congress is up to no good.

I thought that I had seen everything until I saw the man say that he wanted to send in the marines to put down the riots. He painted the protests as acts of insurrection. Surely he was playing to his base. Oh, how his fans would love to see tanks rolling down Wilshire Boulevard just to spite Governor Newsom. They would love to see the military put down the protests in a show of military force. I am pleased to see the commanders of the greatest military force on earth, put a cork in it for Trump. They had the good sense to tell Trump that the military would not be involved in quelling the protests.

I have been told by some that Trump is like a star employee who is much maligned by the press. I disagree. From the start of his campaign to the present day, Trump had the press eating out of his hand like a deprived deer. The press has been waiting hand and foot on Trump. They have reported every utterance, every movement, every decision that Trump makes. The song, Every Step You Take comes to mind here, for this is a power struggle of enormous proportions.

To those would tell me that Trump is doing some good, I’m sure that he is doing something good. I like that he promotes the space program. I like that he promotes pricing transparency in healthcare. I like that he is cooperating with Congress to get pandemic relief out to the people who need it. I like that the pandemic has forced him to help more than just his wealthy friends in high places.

But on balance, Trump has been a net negative. I see him as an embarrassment to America. He removed us from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. In his trade war, went from “China is manipulating their currency” to, “China is stealing our intellectual property” when only a tiny few of us own profitable patents or copyrights. I saw how Trump went from “the virus is a hoax” to signing enormous relief bills in acknowledgment of that very same virus. With more than 111,000 dead and nearly 2 million cases, we’re finally starting to make headway. Wen may have seen the apex of active cases.

I’m not all that pleased with Joe Biden, either. I can’t say that I really want Joe Biden for president. But if he can unseat Trump from the White House with a forklift in next January, I’d be OK with that. I think it would take a certain sense of humility to admit an electoral loss to a candidate as bad as Joe Biden. Some have speculated that Trump might claim election fraud and refuse to leave the White House. I sure hope not. I think that Biden will need all the help he can get from the Sanders camp to defeat Trump, for Trump is still a formidable force in politics.

I’m not that worried if Trump wins another four years. If he wins another 4 years, he will appoint another right-wing ideologue to the Supreme Court, as I’m not entirely sure that Ginsburg can hold out for another term. Trump will continue to play to his base while alienating everyone else. I doubt that Trump is even capable of helping himself in this regard. He goes where the love is. I don’t blame him for doing that, but as president, I expect him to act as a unifying force for America. The current trajectory suggests that when Trump is done, he will cost the GOP one generation with one term, two generations with another term.

I believe that there are some good ideas to be shared from both sides of the aisle. But I’m getting tired of just two sides. I’m glad to see Justin Amash going libertarian. I like some libertarian ideas. I have always liked that Sanders is independent. I’d like to see some Green Party action in Congress, too. Trump has proven that we need to expand the scope of debate. That’s why I liked Sanders. He expanded the scope of debate.

I am dead set on defeating Trump. I see that Bernie Sanders is, too. True, I don’t like Biden, but my distaste for Trump burns like hydrogen and fluorine together. So I’m pleased to see that Sanders is utilizing his enormous organization to defeat Trump. I’m pleased to see that the polling gap between Biden and Trump is widening in favor of Biden. I sincerely hope that the polling is accurate. In a very political sense, Biden would be like Ex-lax for this country. Perhaps one day soon, we can all breathe a sigh of relief with the passing of one very uncomfortable president from the White House.

Write on.

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Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

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