Trump As Revenge On The GOP

If someone had wanted revenge on the GOP, they’d ask Trump to run for president. I wonder who did that.

5 min readFeb 19, 2020


What follows is total and complete speculation, though there are some facts to back up my conclusions. It is a thought experiment, as a way to tease out just what has happened to the GOP.

As I watch the news unfurl on the impeachment hearings in Washington, I see Trump in the crosshairs of the GOP. I mean, the Democrats. I think back to how he stormed the election in 2015, 2016 and beyond. I think back to his bravado, how he interrupted Hillary Clinton in the debates with a live mike, and how he won without the popular vote. I think about his demeanor, his attitude, and his attempt to run the federal government like his own private business. And I wondered if, in 2015, I had wanted revenge on the GOP, what would be the best way to go about it?

I’d ask Trump to run for President.

While researching one of the many articles I published in 2015, I read in the New York Times that Bill Clinton had talked with Donald Trump by phone. It was never made public what they really talked about, but they did talk a few weeks before Trump formally announced his intention to run. They both used to play golf together. The Clintons attended Trump’s wedding in 2005. To me, right there, is a point of suspicion.

When I saw the selections Trump made for his cabinet picks, I saw nothing but millionaires in his cabinet. Nothing but the elite of the elite in his cabinet. Nothing but his corporate crony friends. He brought in the King of Usury, Steve Mnuchin. He brought in the Queen of Usury, Betsy DeVos, among many others. These were people who made their money on the status quo. If Trump was planning to drain the swamp, it was mighty hard to gather that on his cabinet picks.

But then came all this business about Ukraine and Hunter Biden and how Trump was angling for an investigation, at least an announcement of an investigation of the son of his political rival, Sleepy Joe Biden.

I mean, Trump is a pretty smart guy. I’ve seen him improvise on camera and in public. He knows how to act. He has a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Trump must know that his every move is being watched, so he could play to the crowd. And Trump is supremely confident about his re-election.