Democrats and Republicans have both done it. I notice that conservatives whip that out a lot, but never mention The Southern Strategy.

And I also think that once an inmate is on the outside, he has a stake in the game. He should be allowed to vote.

As to exoneration, I’ve seen numerous cases of prosecutors withholding exculpatory evidence. There’s a famous court case about a convict who was exonerated after it was found that the prosecution withheld exculpatory evidence, so the convict sued for damages and lost. Yeah. That’s justice, right?

Skills. You were taught the skills not to rob, steal or murder. Criminals who engage in that behavior were not. You really think that people want to commit crimes? Other than a huge jolt of adrenaline, I don’t think so. And I’ve seen the remorse most people have after they do it.

Now it’s true that there are psychopaths out there and they simply lack the capacity for empathy. But the vast majority of criminals were never taught another way to live and they were already between a subjective rock and very hard place. I suggest you might consider what the following website has to say:

In my opinion, that is a criminal prevention program of the highest order.

Anyway, I can still see we have some common ground here. I always look for that, even in opposition.

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