Today I Vote

I will drop my ballot off with hope.

I’ve seen enough. I don’t even need to watch the debates. I could, but hearing impaired so I’d rather read transcripts and analysis. I’ve seen enough of what Trump has done. I’ve read enough about Trump. I hear Trump is already planning to run again in 2024, which means he thinks he might lose this time. Now that would be something.

I’ve seen enough of how a showman with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame handles a pandemic. I’ve seen enough of tax breaks that do nothing for our economy except hand more money to billionaires during a recession. I’ve seen the hypocrisy of the GOP on filling up vancant seats in the Supreme Court. I’ve seen the raw power of the United States Senate bandied about like a weapon by the GOP during an election year when they said that it was not appropriate to confirm a justice in an election year as they said in 2016.

So yeah, I’m voting today. I’ve got a lot on my mind about the GOP in Washington. They seem very different than the GOP here in Utah. In Washington, the GOP belittles the pandemic. Here, they take it very seriously. In Utah, they have tracking sites for the state and for our schools. I can see what’s going on here. They may be religious here, and they may be Mormon, but they have a deep and abiding respect for science (except for that part about evolution). I know it because I see how they handle it in the school that my kids attend.

I don’t see Trump as the hero fighting a conspiracy. I don’t see Trump as a man who is trying to save our economy. I don’t see Trump as an agent of change. I see Trump as a man who has profited handsomely from the way things were and the way things are. I see his kids profiting from their public service roles. I see his kids taking foreign money. I see Trump’s Chinese bank account. I see a family predisposed to nepotism on a grand scale and they’re in the White House. I see a family that caters only to their base, with hardly a hint of any desire to unify our country.

Yes, Trump has done a few good things. I see the space program is going well. I like the space program. I like that he’s helping to advance nuclear power. I like nuclear power because it has an energy density of at least 1,000,000 times the carbon bond. I like some of the technology news I’ve been reading during his term, almost despite Trump as president.

Now I know that Joe Biden has problems. I’ve seen them. But I also saw how Obama grew the economy despite the GOP running constant interference during his term. The stimulus bill passed after the collapse of the housing bubble could have been much, much bigger. We know this because of the stimulus bills passed this year alone. Apparently, stimulus bills are bigger if you have a Republican president and a Republican majority in the Senate. Huh. I wonder who they were thinking of when they passed those bills.

I’ve also seen enough posturing. I see the GOP launching a very weak lawsuit against Google. So suddenly 3 weeks before an election, antitrust matters? I see in the news a story about a billionaire being prosecuted by the IRS for a $2 billion tax evasion case. Great timing.

I see the news about the laptop that was supposedly owned by Hunter Biden. I heard that it was stolen, then I heard that someone left it in a pawn shop or computer shop, the story keeps changing with the wind. Hunter Biden’s business wasn’t important in 2018, but it’s important now? Where are the indictments? They couldn’t be bothered to get a warrant with probable cause to seize the laptop? Huh.

Let me tell you a little bit more about posturing. As an experiment, I signed up to receive SMS from Trump’s campaign. Here are some samples:

Pres Trump: Last night’s DEBATE was EPIC. I’m ready to WIN BIG on Nov 3rd. Can you donate $10? 875%-MATCH ACTIVATED for 30MIN! Contribute: <link removed> The only way we can secure a VICTORY on Election Day is with YOU, Scott. Can I count on YOU to step up? 875%-MATCH! Donate NOW: <link removed>

Sean Hannity, Don Jr & Newt Gingrich each SIGNED a copy of their NEW BOOKS. YOU JUST WON 1 BOOK, Scott! Donate $50 & claim prize NOW: <link removed>

Scott — We’ve unlocked a ONE-TIME-ONLY Trump Mid Debate 900%-MATCH! ACTIVE FOR THE NEXT 30 MINUTES ONLY! Claim NOW: <link removed>

Huh. He must be a Nigerian prince because I’ve never donated to his campaign. I’ve never donated to Biden’s campaign, either. If I send any money, it’s going to Bernie Sanders because I know he will put that money where it counts, with progressive candidates that speak to my causes. And who is matching 900% for Trump? How does that work with campaign contributions? Dark money?

So I’m kind of done. I have Trump fatigue, but not for the reasons that most people have it. I don’t worry about myself with another four years of Trump, I’ll be fine. I have a job. I have money saved up. I have enough for today and for the next few months, and I’m working on building a year of prudent reserve.

I’m thinking about everyone else. I see the blogs around here of people who are really suffering under Trump. I’ve seen how Trump responded to the fires in California. I’ve seen how Trump responded to other disasters around the nation. He rolls out the red carpet for his GOP friends in the Red States. He offers empty hands to Democratic governors. He acts like scoring points against Democrats is how you win elections, paying no mind to the fact that the office of the president serves all Americans.

This is what I’ll be thinking about today when I drop my ballot off in a box at the city hall with cameras trained on it. I’m ready to roll.

Write on.

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Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

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