This is a great, grand, and thorough article. I’m surprised there are not more comments, as I’m the first to comment. I especially liked how you distinguished single payer from Medicare for All. Great point.

One thing I really like about the idea single payer, and especially in the context of your vision for it here, is this:

A fair and just health care plan doesn’t allow the wealthy and their polluting businesses to shift the burden of their pollution onto others in the form of higher health care costs.

Unfortunately, that’s what the current system does. So conservative businessmen and women, will claim that single payer health care is too expensive while citing costs incurred by their own policy decisions. Guess who has the greatest influence on public policy? Those with the money to buy the votes.

Your article leaves the reader far better informed than before. At least for me, anyway. I just got a crash course on single payer.


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