There Appears To Be A Double Standard On Cognitive Decline

Liberals love to talk about Trump’s mental state. Joe Biden? Not so much.

After reading Caitline Johnstone’s article, “Stop Calling It A “Stutter”: Here Are Dozens Of Examples Of Biden’s Dementia Symptoms”, and after watching every video, it’s become clear to me that we need to have an honest and empathetic discussion of Joe Biden’s mental health. In some of the videos of Joe Biden’s gaffes during the debates, I could see the discomfort of the other candidates, too. They see that Joe is not really all there, and they appear to be silently worried about him.

I have been tweeting the link to that story on Twitter to various people, the media and even the candidate, Joe Biden. There has been zero response from the media. In the meantime, I saw plenty of discussion of Trump’s mental health, his verbal mistakes, his sometimes odd and quirky behavior. So, it’s fashionable to talk about Trump’s mental state. But Joe Biden is supposed to be our Democratic frontrunner, and we need to know that his mind is clear. Yet discussion of his mental capacities appears to have been forbidden in liberal circles.

I even posted a link to the same article in some of my Facebook groups. Open Fire (politics) was quick to temporarily ban me. Another group Rational Political Debate removed my post calling it a flame. Somehow, we’re not supposed to talk about the weaknesses of the candidates running for president, unless that’s Bernie Sanders or Trump. Touch Joe Biden? You’re banned.

So I did a search for Joe Biden and mental health. That didn’t go so well. There is a dearth of discussion on the topic across the internet. But I have noticed that conservative news is picking this story up. The New York Post, Washington Examiner, and Breitbart come to mind. And you can bet that your conservative friends and family will pick it up, too. At the New York Post, Miranda Devine had this to say:

The truth is that anyone who has seen Biden up close knows he has some sort of cognitive impairment. He often seems bewildered, can’t remember what state he is in, if he’s running for the Senate or the presidency or even whether it’s Super Tuesday or “Super Thursday.”

Yet I see that Nancy LeTourneau at The Washington Monthly is defending Biden. She says there is no data to support the contention that Joe Biden is in a state of mental decline. She calls it a disinformation campaign. That must be the liberal euphemism for “fake news”. The evidence she provides is not direct evidence, not like the videos that Johnstone has highlighted. At the same time, conservatives are asking about “Hidin’ Biden”. MSNBC can’t get an interview with Biden. Devine also notes that Biden’s always got a teleprompter around him. There is always a handler around him.

I’ve watched all the videos cited by Johnstone and Biden does not always look like he’s aware of his surroundings or what he’s doing. Johnstone also shows before and after videos, to allow us to compare Biden’s speaking style just a few short years ago and now. The contrast is obvious and easy to see. A few years ago, Biden was coherent and expressing ideas in full sentences. Lately? Not so much. Joe Biden at 77 years old is clearly in a state of cognitive decline and no one at the helm is willing to talk about it.

Yet, liberal media is quick to pounce on Trump’s mental state. They’re fact-checking Trump all the time. They highlight his gaffes, his missteps, his errors, even his sometimes antisocial behavior, on a daily basis.

Biden’s supporters have trotted out Bandy Lee, a psychologist who has compared both Trump and Biden, and she said that Biden is far better off than Trump. Better off than a man who playfully bit at his wife’s fingers during her speech at a rally for Joe? Better off than a former VP who only within the last few weeks said that he’s running for the United States Senate?

To me, encouraging and supporting Biden in his current condition to run for president is the height of desperation and selfishness. It is the ultimate statement on how badly they do not want Sanders to win. We need Biden to retire before he is completely and soundly defeated in a few debates with Trump, and by the media once they have no place to hide Biden.

In previous debates, Biden could hide his mental state among 14, 10 and even 6 other competitors. But when it’s just Sanders and Biden, there is nothing there to support Biden. He will fare even worse with Trump. No teleprompters, no handlers, no sign language. Just word salad.

I can understand the whole “we need to get Trump out of office” mentality. I get it. I’m not that worried about it because even after 3 years, the country is resilient enough to tolerate Trump. I also believe that getting Trump out of office doesn’t solve our problems. The fact that Trump is in office highlights the problems we still face. The elites in the Democratic Party still think that Trump is better than Bernie Sanders, or they would have won in 2016 with another candidate. They didn’t.

Bernie Sanders is our best shot at winning the White House now. If you doubt me, watch every video posted by Caitlin Johnstone in her article. Look at the tweets in this article on Citizen Truth’s site. Look at what the New York Post is saying about Joe Biden’s “senior moments”. It’s important to look at what the opposition is saying, even if you disagree with it. They may actually have a point.

LeTourneau says that there’s no data to support the idea that Biden is in mental decline. Yet the evidence of Biden’s decline is piling up and conservative media is going to run with it. Trump has already used “Sleepy Joe” to great effect at his rallies. Trump is already pointing out the obvious problems with Joe. So if you still believe that Biden is sound, you had better pony up the evidence and post it, because I’ve been searching and I’m not seeing it. Anywhere. From anyone.

Democrats need to have this discussion now if they truly want to win the White House. Democrats need to get serious and show us that we can depend on Joe Biden as a candidate for president. If they cannot, then we need to firmly and gently ask Biden to step down and let Bernie run with it. He can do it if Biden can’t.

Write on.

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Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

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