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The Veil of Artificial Intelligence

If everyone thinks alike, then someone isn’t thinking. — George S. Patton

6 min readJun 2, 2024


I’m sitting in a dark room in my house. I don’t see the sun shining outside. I don’t see the world moving outside. The clouds, the wind, the terrain. All I see is a dark periphery around this screen as I write.

I know my wife is over there, to the left, shopping online. I know my kids are somewhere in the house. I know that they are living in their own worlds while I pound out another article on my little laptop.

My laptop is a Chromebook running the latest operating system from Google. it got a new button in the shelf, and that button is for Gemini, Google’s AI service.

Like every other AI service, that is advertised as “artificial intelligence”, Google has used it’s enormous computing power to hoover the internet for all the content the rest of us created, to give life to Gemini.


Hoover was a great vacuum cleaner manufacturer once. Hoover become a household name in a very literal sense. A Hoover vacuum cleaner was a tool to pick up the lint off of your carpet. It was a tool you could use to redistribute the dust on your floor to other rooms in your house.