The Upside Of Trump’s Acquittal

Trump’s movement has only just begun.

I know, it’s been a few months. But I’m still thinking about the insurrection and how Donald Trump waited a couple of hours before calling off the dogs. I’m still thinking about how the response of the National Guard was delayed. I’m still thinking about how he finally relented and told the insurrectionists, “We love you. Go home in peace.”

So poor, poor Trump got his acquittal. Most of the Republican members of the US Senate could not find it in their hearts to convict the poster child of the Rentier Class, FORMER president, Donald Trump, for inciting insurrection. His supporters may laugh at us, mock us and say, “I told you so for even trying,” but they can’t hold onto their Senate majority forever. Trump’s supporters can’t even hold onto enough of a minority to maintain a filibuster, forever.

I found the full statement given by Trump after the vote was cast, with conviction sailing away as a result of more than a few recalcitrant Republicans who lack a clear sense of the law and any moral conviction, whatsoever. That statement read in part:

“Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun. In the months ahead I have much to share with you, and I look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve American greatness for all of our people.” — Donald Trump

I have sincere and reasonable doubts that Trump has any honest intention of Making America Great Again. For four years he has danced around true reform of the government. He has not said one thing that suggests he had any interest in true change, a true revival of our nation. He was not interested in doing the work required to restore our country to greatness. He was playing golf.

If Trump is correct that his movement has only just begun, then I see a better future for the Democratic Party. I see an almost viable 3rd party in the offing. I see a fractured Republican party marginalized for at least the next decade. I see a possible Democratic super-majority in the US Senate, ready to impeach Trump again for any one of a long list of crimes. Trump has left us with plenty to choose from, including obstruction of justice to violations of the emoluments clause.

In Trump, I see a man who will be the catalyst that will reduce the Republican Party to nearly permanent minority status. By the time they are able to recover from Trump, the demographics of the country will have changed to such an extent that they will have wished they had reformed the filibuster. By 2040, the group of people known as “Trump’s base” will be widely regarded as a minority group relative to all other political factions. You know, like the Green Party.

Yes, it is possible that Trump has good intentions, but I really don’t see them. I see a man who hired Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, a man who helped shepherd the bailout bill for the banks in 2008 to become law. In Trump, I see a man who owes his lavish lifestyle to the system as it is. I see a man who has zero motivation to change the way things are.

On the other hand, I see an America that was purposely left unprepared for a pandemic. Trump lent a hand in making America vulnerable to a pandemic. Republicans, so sure that the states could figure it out, also lent a hand in making us vulnerable to a pandemic. And when I see conservative Republicans talking about a more targeted response to the pandemic, I see a group of millionaires who are unwilling to discuss how it is that billionaire wealth increased by $1.3 trillion during a deep recession. We are number one in billionaires with 614 of them. That means on average, each billionaire “earned” $2,117,263,843.65 ($2.1 billion) during the pandemic alone.

I guess when economists talk about “structural unemployment”, they’re talking about how the rules are written. Notice how very few economists talk about structural wealth accumulation. Very few economists (and Republicans) are willing to say, “How about that? Some people are billionaires because the rules that describe how wealth is distributed are designed to funnel money to the top.” Trump didn’t talk about that, either. That tells me he had no revolutionary plans.

It’s important to remember that Trump is, first and foremost, a landlord. He made his money from rents on land. Somehow, America worships and reveres landlords like they’re some kind of hero. Unless you have one and you pay rent to him. Then they’re not so great. When I see people fawning over Trump, cheering him on at his rallies, and adoring him on Twitter, I see people who are worshipping a landlord.

The funny thing about landlords is that they are beholden to the bankers. The bankers figured out how to take most of the income received by landlords for themselves in the form of finance cannibalism. Trump takes his cut and, by the magic of a contract, he gives the rest to the bankers. You know Trump is neck-deep in debt, right? Still. He’s kind of a really nice middle man, but he’s still a member of the rentier class. There is still an iron fist under those soft leather gloves he wears when it’s cold.

This is what I want people to remember in 2022 and 2024. Trump made no discernable or significant change that helps everyone on a large scale. He made some motions about pricing transparency in health care. We still don’t know how much something will cost beforehand, and we still have a healthcare system that charges monopoly rents. And Trump said nothing about the private equity takeover of health care, nor the fact that Nancy Pelosi actually got a provision into a relief bill that Trump signed, to stop surprise billing.

So I just can’t see why so many people are enamored of a man who can’t even figure out what we need without playing favorites to somebody. I’m sure he’s funny at his rallies, but Trump really lacks the skills to be president. What he is really good at though, is dividing people, and right now he’s dividing the GOP up very nicely for the midterms and maybe even 2024.

Write on.

Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

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