The Mental Incontinence Exposed By The Impeachment Hearings

What were they thinking?

I’ve been watching from afar the circus in DC alternatively known as the “impeachment hearings”. On one side, I see a president who seems to have attempted to bribe or extort a third world president for an investigation of former Vice President Joe Biden. It’s bribery or extortion, not sure. On the other side, I see that some elitist Democrats would really rather not discuss what Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was doing sitting on the board of directors of a gas company in Ukraine.

When I look at President Trump, and his posture at his rallies, the words he uses, his body language, I see an image of a man who is poised for re-election. Trump exudes confidence at his rallies. But when I see the chaos in his administration, the empty positions at the Federal Elections Commission, and his Twitter attacks on witnesses giving testimony about his behavior, I see a man who has floated up to his own level of incompetence.

Trump stands accused of attempting to withhold military aid from the country of Ukraine until he has an agreement from the president of Ukraine, to investigate corruption in Ukraine or, Joe Biden’s son. The implication of Trump’s request for “a favor” is that if Joe Biden’s son is under investigation during an election year, while Biden is running for president, then Joe Biden’s campaign will be hobbled or seriously injured. All this from a man who refers to Joe Biden as “sleepy”.

Personally, I don’t think that Biden needs any help to hinder his campaign. The only people who are excited about Joe Biden are rich liberals. Biden really doesn’t seem to have it in him to run and I really have no idea why he’s running. If he was going to run, he should have done so while the iron was still hot in 2016. With Biden in 2019, he’s offering far, far too little, too late. Besides, I can think of three other candidates I’d prefer before I’d hold my nose to vote for Biden.

Then I wonder why Hunter Biden, son of a former vice president of the United States, is sitting on the board of a gas company in Ukraine at all. Natural gas is just one of the commodities being extracted and sold by Burisma, and it is one of the largest private natural gas producers in Ukraine. Why was Hunter being paid $50,000 a month to sit on their board of directors? that’s some very hefty change for a young man such as Hunter. Does he have any relevant experience? Or was he engaged in on the job training?

Then I think of the Democratic Party and a gas company. That doesn’t really go together. I think of the Green New Deal and I just don’t see why Hunter was on that board. It seems like he could have gotten a better job somewhere else. I bet Apple could find a spot for him somewhere. That might pay less, but then that might look really good for Apple. What is a Democrat doing on the board of directors of a foreign gas company?

And I keep looking at Trump who said he had a “perfect phone call” with the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. When I think of Ukraine, I think of the third world. I think second-rate. Ukraine is probably a nice country, but not the first name in tourism. I think that Zelensky looks rather young to be president of a country, too. Maybe he has really good connections, just not a very good one with Vladimir Putin, President of Russia. Else why would he be talking with President Trump?

And the military aid. Trump’s administration withheld military aid from Ukraine that was already appropriated by Congress. That means Trump signed a law that authorized the money to be released to Ukraine. And then Trump gave orders to withhold the money from Ukraine until Zelensky announced an investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden, I mean, “corruption”.

I notice the choice in words, too. I don’t even think Trump wanted a real investigation, he just wanted an “announcement” of an investigation. The money that Congress appropriated for Ukraine in a law signed by the president was being withheld, pending an announcement of the said investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden. The Trump Administration said they always intended to release that money, they just wanted to be sure that Ukraine was serious about rooting out “corruption”.

But Congress beat him to it. Two days after 3 Congressional committees opened investigations into Trump’s communications with Ukraine, the money was released to Ukraine.

So I think that the impeachment investigation of Trump is a good thing. Democrats are hoping that they can wrap things up by December without dinging Biden. They don’t want their primaries to be dragged through the impeachment hearings. And they know that the Republicans in Congress will want Joe and Hunter Biden to testify. Republicans will want to bring the Bidens down with them if they go down.

And that’s fine with me. I was not happy to learn that Jamie Dimon and his friends at Citibank submitted a list of candidates for nomination to cabinet-level posts in the Obama administration. I am not pleased to think that Joe Biden did nothing about that. I see in Joe, an unbelievable amount of elitism, and I would really like for him to drop out of the primaries. I also see in Joe, some mental problems that need to be addressed.

If Nancy Pelosi is scared of impeachment proceedings, I can see why. They will mess with the primary election and debate schedule. They will mess with their “frontrunner” candidate, Joe Biden. And they will probably scare off a few voters.

I am also noticing that Republicans within and without Congress are becoming more and more uncomfortable with defending Trump. In Utah, we already have Mitt Romney, a Senator who is very critical of Trump, but then he might just be eyeing another run for president. Republicans are distancing themselves from Trump. They are finding less and less support for Trump in the polls. They seem to be retiring from Congress at a rather rapid pace, too.

What I see in the impeachment hearings is a chance to expose corruption on both sides of the aisle. I see Trump as corrupt. I see Biden as corrupt. I’d like to see both of them get a timeout.

There is some speculation that Trump may resign from office, based on a very unusual hospital visit. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does. Being president is extremely energy-intensive. But I don’t think I’d enjoy seeing Mike “Evangelist” Pence sitting in the Oval Office. Even so, I don’t think Pence could survive an election. I just don’t see Pence as president. But I do see Trump as a once-in-a-generation kind of president. He is the hail mary pass for the GOP, and they know it.

I would also like to see Joe Biden undergo a mental exam. He’s already had 8 years as VP. Why can’t he just be happy with a library and a foundation named after him and run them quietly, into obscurity? He’s rich. He’s famous. He’ll never have to work another day in his life if he decides to settle down into a very comfortable retirement.

Hopefully, the Democrats can regulate themselves long enough to keep Congress, win a majority in the Senate, and get someone elected as president. I have my doubts, but I am hopeful.

Write on.

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Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

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