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The Low Tide of Ukraine War Optimism Reveals the Rage of the Liberal Left

Ukraine isn’t likely to win. The Left can hardly restrain itself.

6 min readAug 22


One thing I’ve noticed about the Liberal Left in America is the surprise I feel to see so many people who claim to be liberal, so emotionally attached to the idea that Ukraine absolutely must prevail over Russia. They have expressed sincere beliefs that Ukraine has done no wrong to justify the invasion and that the invasion in turn justifies an expenditure of more than $100 billion in American aid to help Ukraine defeat Russia.

These same people have a very difficult time reconciling how Russia made the decision to invade Ukraine and prosecute a war for a year and a half. I have seen people insist that Russia is the sole party responsible for the war and that if Russia had just played along with the West, and followed along with letting Ukraine become a part of NATO, everybody would be happy.

It’s not just Putin as so many people like to say. Remember, Putin’s power is delegated to him by the Duma, the Russian legislature. Putin derives his power from somebody else. If the Duma decided that Putin can’t do something, Putin wouldn’t do it. The war is not just Russia’s fault because Russia is responding to pressure from abroad. Russia might not even need an empire anymore if America would just mind its own business.

Ukraine is a sore spot for Russia already. Russia has been invaded three times through Ukraine. Russia has a national security interest in Ukraine, and the government of the United States is keenly aware of that security interest or it would not pursue Ukraine so relentlessly.

So let’s entertain a fantasy. Let’s say that Ukraine ascends into NATO. Russia is defeated. As Ukraine President Zelensky insists, Russia has no say in the matter. Assume for the moment that Russia must accept that Ukraine has nuclear missiles installed that are capable of landing in Moscow in 12 minutes.

Somebody wants this, right? Somebody believes that it is vitally important to make Russia accept a condition that exposes Russia’s people to the potential for nuclear annihilation. 12 minutes means “no chance for retaliation”.