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The GOP Displays Their Vaccine Mandate Hypocrisy For All To See

What next?

5 min readFeb 15, 2022


Our friends in the GOP really don’t know what to make of all this vaccine mandate business. They seem so sure of their desire to ban government-mandated vaccinations, but they’re not so sure about businesses. Should businesses be able to issue mandates for vaccines? GOP governors are split on this point.

Those that oppose business vaccine mandates are unwittingly admitting that business is a form of government. But what the GOP really doesn’t want to do is go against the image they want to project: that of a party that is against government interference in the private sector.

So I guess that would mean that laws against unions are OK, even if they interfere with the private sector. Laws against business-mandated vaccinations are OK to some GOP governors, even if they interfere with how business owners can run their businesses. What about private schools? What does the GOP do about private schools that enforce vaccine mandates?

If private schools can’t be touched by the government, does that mean that segregation in private schools is cool, too?

I can’t help but wonder where this is all going. Conservatives who are against vaccine mandates are setting a precedent that I’m not sure they want to set. If conservatives prevail in their quest to stop the covid vaccine mandates, there is nothing to stop them or someone else, from going after other vaccine mandates. What’s next? The polio vaccine? Chickenpox? German measles?

“Oh, we only wanted to nail that one for covid. That vaccine is for a fake disease that took our beloved president — from the White House! We think the rest of the vaccine mandates are fine, perfectly reasonable.”

But then they’ve set a precedent that others could use. Pretty soon, challenges will pop up in courthouses everywhere for all the other vaccine mandates. Watch the vaccine mandates crumble in schools, the military, and immigration. Well, they’ll probably keep the immigration vaccine mandates, but there is nothing to stop them from pouncing on vaccine mandates everywhere else.

“Oh c’mon! Be reasonable! We just want to torch this one vaccine mandates, everything else we can keep.”