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The Freedom To Shoot Each Other Is The Promise Of The Second Amendment

Two men in Kansas shoot each over comments about the sound tailpipe exhaust and demonstrate the ultimate consequence of behavior modification. Death.

5 min readMay 20, 2022


I was going to write about something else this morning, really. But I saw this headline about a double road-rage shooting. Two men in a town in Kansas, driving in two cars, each with passengers. One made a demeaning comment to other about the sound of the exhaust from his car.

After a few minutes of exchanging barbs at stoplights, they both drive to a local strip mall. They get out of their cars, still exchanging words, and they shoot each other, fatally.

This story was reported by Channel 13 — WIBW in Lawrence, Kansas. As reported:

“This is still a tragic event that happened and one that was very preventable,” said [Police] Chief Lockhart. “This is probably the most ridiculous thing that I’ve ever heard of for people to be killed over is the pipes on your car.”

Seriously. Two men exchanging harsh words about the sound of the exhaust of one’s car can lead to a fatal shooting. Two of them.

This is what corporal punishment looks like in the adult stage. No impulse control. No thinking, no logic, no regard for the future. Filled with adrenaline, those two men didn’t believe they were going to die. That’s what got them killed.

By now some of you may be wondering how two men shooting each other with a gun has anything to do with corporal punishment. According to the Pew Trust, Kansas is among 19 states that allow corporal punishment in school. That was back in 2014. Even then a Democrat wrote a bill to promote corporal punishment and make it more severe.

There are a few problems with corporal punishment:

  • It doesn’t teach impulse control
  • It doesn’t teach kids how to think about natural consequences
  • It doesn’t teach any skills

Corporal punishment is pervasive in Kansas. We know this because two grown men could not think of a better solution to their disagreement than to shoot each other.