The Fight Over Amy Coney Barrett

It’s a fight for theocracy, not religious freedom. I don’t really care about their religion, but I’m fine if they practice it outside of Congress.

They picked someone who had a very short record of service in the courts for a reason. They scrubbed the internet of anything that might smack of religion about her, from every website they could find. Why would they not want any record of one Amy Coney Barrett for the public to use to weigh whether or not they want a devout catholic on the Supreme Court?

To the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee holding the confirmation hearings for Mrs. Barrett: no one is telling you to get an abortion. The government will never force you to get an abortion. You’re free. You can do whatever you want.

But if your neoconservative policies say that it’s OK for very wealthy people to determine their compensation with laws of their own design, and very little governance or oversight, while everyone else must fight for a living wage, especially women, you can expect abortion to be a problem. Don’t you see it? This is your hand at work, not the hidden hand of capitalism.

It would seem to me then, that according to the conservative Republicans in Congress, “Religious Freedom” means, “Telling other people what to do according to your religion, even if those other people don’t share the same beliefs”.

To understand just how important it is for the Republicans to stack the courts, we must remember that for at least the past 3 years, the GOP majority in the Senate has spent more time confirming judges than passing legislation. They may be doing the people’s work. But those must be some very special people because there are a lot of us who are waiting for the logjam to break on everything else that needs to be done.

This is on top of their specious lie about not confirming judges during an election year. They didn't do it 2016 for the very same reason they are doing it now, political expediency. Yes, the Democrats were being idiots when they lowered the bar for confirmation and the filibuster. Yes, the Democrats knew better when they did it. And yes, they still managed to fail to confirm their own judge even under their own rules in 2016. Both sides have a problem. But one side is lying about it, the other side is not. Can you guess which side?

If the GOP is true to their word, they should pay attention to the polling:

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Real Clear Politics compiles all the polling data they can find and provides an average of all the most recent polling in one spot right on their home page so you don’t have to go hunting for it. Biden must be a really shitty candidate because he’s got a lead of 10% and that is an average, not the worst, not the best, the average. He seems to be picking up steam in the battleground states, too. I hope those polls are right because I’d love to see Trump flee the country to avoid prosecution.

You don’t know? Trump ran for president to avoid prosecution. Why else would he leave his comfortable life as a pretended billionaire? Trump has cash flow, not wealth. He owes a lot of money to a lot of people. I bet if we were to really look at his finances, we could say that he has a negative net worth. And a district attorney in the fair state of New York will soon have his tax returns if they don’t already, and they are going to use those tax returns to convict Trump of certain crimes, by jury.

Once Trump leaves office, he won’t have the attorney general of the United States acting as a personal lawyer anymore. He won’t have the Senate to fight for him. He won’t have agencies that refuse to give up records to committees in Congress. I can just hear the shredders roll around DC. Get ready for a run on USB drives as thousands of government employees hired by Trump boot their computers with Darik’s Boot and Nuke Utilities to wipe their hard drives. I sure hope somebody has a good backup.

While the GOP accuses Barrett’s opponents of bigotry against her faith, they are loathed to discuss the ultimate goal: overturning Roe v. Wade. The point of overturning Roe v. Wade is to make abortion illegal everywhere that they can. Once they deal with it on the national level, then they can go after the states one by one over the course of the next 200 years. Their determination is that strong.

One other thing that the GOP doesn’t talk about much is the irony of their unflinching support of Israel or the irony of the same. Both parties have voted for bills that appropriated $3 billion each year for Israel for a long, long time. Heck, during the last term of Obama’s presidency, we gave $38 billion to Israel outright. Why?

Somebody in Congress believes that the Jewish people of Israel are “God’s chosen people”, and that they will go to heaven. I have to wonder how that could be when every year for at least the last 6 years, the Israeli government has approved and paid for at least 20,000 abortions. Oh yeah, they have universal health care, too. How come they get it but we don't? Oh, there might not be enough chosen people living here to justify such an expense.

This is why I say “theocracy”. Religious conservative opposition to abortion has nothing to do with their stated goal of ending abortion. If that were so, I’d expect to see every appropriation bill that funds Israel go down in flames until they stop their abortions. But you see, Judaism has a different notion about when life begins than the Christians. In Judaism, life begins with the first breath. In Christianity, life begins at conception. I’d say that we’re really deferential to Israel for their religious beliefs or we wouldn’t be giving them all that money.

How important is that money? The GDP of Israel is $38 billion a year. We give them something close to 10% of their GDP every year. Wow. Now that’s deference.

So look, I get it that nobody wants an abortion. A casual investigation will show that most of the people who get abortions can’t afford to have kids. They’re in circumstances where they don’t think a kid would thrive: the father left them, the father can’t provide enough support, the father is abusive, and on and on. Boy, fathers sure do write a lot of laws. The GOP seems intent on punishing women who seek abortions for some imagined sin. But for sure, they are not respecting the religious freedom of everyone else.

So maybe I got this wrong. Maybe they don’t really want a theocracy. But judging by the evidence I’ve seen, someone is pulling really hard to make sure that Christianity is numero uno in this country, even if that means subjugating a fair number of non-believers to second class status.

This is why I think that the pending hearings are a farce. Sure, there are some people who think that the Senate is just doing their job. What were those people saying in 2016? “Nope. Not our job this year. Let’s wait until after the election,” they said. I will remember what they said when I put my ballot in the mail this year.

Write on.

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Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

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