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The Double Standard: America’s Military Might and the Illusion of Free Markets

Think of America’s military as the world’s largest wage and price control freak.

4 min readNov 26, 2023


Every time I look at Israel and its war against Hamas or whatever enemy they choose to invent, I see oil. I see Israel as a state that was invented for the purpose of extending America’s military might in pursuit of price controls on oil. I see Israel as a branch of America’s military, like the Navy, the Marines, or the Army. Israel is the oil branch of the American military.

Israel is America’s favorite proxy.

Israel receives more foreign aid from America than any other nation, by a mile. Israel has access to a wider range of American-made weapons than any other country. In return for all that, Israel provides universal healthcare to its people. Israel provides mostly free education to the people living there. The average Israeli life expectancy at birth is about 83 years, which is a bit higher than the OECD average. And, at least until October 7th, Israel provided some of the best intelligence in the world to American policymakers.

When I return my gaze to home, I see a country that has one of the world’s most inefficient healthcare systems. America pays double what the other industrialized countries pay for health care as a measure of GDP, yet we find the same or worse outcomes resulting from that care.

Healthcare rationing is a thing here. Long waits for health care are commonplace here. Do you want to schedule a colonoscopy? Not sure anyone does, but we often wait 6 months for it. Enough people are complaining about the rejection rate for Medicare Advantage claims that Congress is looking into it. Even Republicans are unhappy with the situation, which is a surprise considering that they’d be happier if everyone, regardless of age, would just get a job.

Healthcare costs are a wonderful way to keep wages low.

America has a predatory business model based on regional monopolies and financial and industrial concentration. American Internet Service Providers are among the most hated companies in America. American real estate markets are guarded by monopolies like the Multiple Listing Service, and the American…