That Joe Biden is the choice of the Democrats. That Democrats don’t really want Medicare For All and that they’d much prefer a public option. That the public option will make inroads that make M4A more acceptable when the reality is that only the sickest people will apply while everyone else sticks to their private health care plan. In my opinion, those are some of the lies that Democrats tell themselves.

Joe Biden is an empty, worthless token of a candidate. I have little faith in him. He’s spent 50 years creating the conditions that we are fighting against now, and now he wants to change that system? That’s a lie. He said so much to wealthy donors at a fundraiser. Trump has the same problem as Biden. They’re both products of the same system that they profited from, so handsomely, yet they profess a desire for real change.

I don’t believe either of them. I don’t hold either of them up as heroes or potential heroes. They won’t save us because they have zero incentive or desire to do so. But every Democrat down-ballot, especially the progressives, has a real shot at saving us. For the president can only sign the bill, he can’t write it and pass it. I believe in them.

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Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

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