Executive Compensation went off the rails with Bill Clinton.

Robert Rubin (Clinton’s Treasury Secretary) engineered the foundation of the trade deals we have now, that pit our manufacturing workers against Asian countries with cheap abundant labor. For a detailed analysis of that story, go here:

Joe Biden is famous for advocating for cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Very few Democrats even today will consider raising the cap on income subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes. Too many to name them all.

There are still quite a few Democrats in Republican-leaning districts who would support the above positions today. That’s because they believe they have to in order to remain relevant.

I believe that truly progressive politicians are popular and will only become more popular once we take the debate to the typical “free market” conservative. Most conservatives believe in free markets, but they’re blind to how modern conservatives enjoy government intervention in the American economy.

It’s time to expand the scope of debate to show the hypocrisy of how conservatives want the government to intervene in the markets. They just want income to be distributed upwards.

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