Photo by Michael Afonso on Unsplash

Somebody Told Me That No One Wanted This War in Ukraine

Money is never too far behind a war, any war. Especially, this war.

4 min readFeb 1, 2023


War is evidence of corruption. War is what happens when the corrupt didn't get what they wanted. War is evidence of a breakdown in communication and cooperation between the wealthiest of the wealthy.

How do we know this?

Nobody in the lower classes wakes up one day thinking they’d like to start a war, for they are the first to go to the front when war breaks out like pimples.

The wealthy can pay their way out of the war. The rich can use their connections to make money off the war in ways that the rest of us cannot. They can short the markets. They can invest in “opportunities” during a war. The wealthy know how to grow their money even when the markets go south.

The wealthy can write laws, buy laws, and repeal laws. The wealthy have so much power, that if they want to, they can start a war or shut it down.

When I look at the war in Ukraine, I see corruption. I see a lot of loose money and hardware in circulation. I see a million ways to make money and hardware disappear. I see defense contractors who want another contract.