So Sanders Should Fold Now, You Say?

Hmmm. The Dark Side you must feel.

I saw the tweets of faux compassion last night. Awww. What a rough night for Sanders they said. Really, you should ask Sanders to stop the campaign and join us in unity. We can defeat Trump together. Honestly. We’d love to have you join us in our fight against Trump. Now, don’t you worry that our leader Biden represents no hope, no change. Just join us, for Trump is the problem. If we could just work together to get rid of Trump, we will have rainbows and sunshine. It would be so beautiful!

Nevermind that Biden, with 8 years in the White House with Obama, and decades in Congress, has made enormous contributions to the conditions that gave us Trump. Never you mind that while Biden and Obama were in office, Democrats lost 1000 seats in statehouses, governors mansions, and Congress.

They keep telling us that Trump is the problem. No he’s not. Trump is a symptom of a much deeper problem. An inability for the elite in American politics to think of anyone but themselves.

When the people voted in 2016, they wanted change. They got it with Trump. It might not have been the change they wanted, but they wanted someone to break the system and got Trump. We could have had that with Sanders, but he was derailed by Hillary Clinton and her enormous network of political and media friends. The voters saw through Hillary. They did not see her as an agent of change. Trump, for all his faults, is an agent of change.

Trump unwittingly exposes all of the problems with American politics. Every time I see a picture of Trump at one of his resorts, and a companion article about how much his resort is charging the United States government for him and his security detail to stay there, I see a pig eating at the trough. I see one more wealthy influence on the government, serving no one but himself. That relationship, I have money, therefore, I have influence, and I can indulge myself at taxpayers’ expense, epitomizes Trump to me. That is why I support Bernie Sanders.

I see Joe Biden as the other side of the same coin with Trump. I see his family riding on his family name. As a very experienced and influential politician, Joe Biden’s sons can use their father’s influence to make money. It is a wonder why the son of a vice president can get a plush job in a foreign corporation that mines natural gas, for $50,000 a month. Most people are lucky to make that kind of money in a year. Hunter Biden didn’t appear to have any relevant job experience as a member of the board of directors at Burisma. What is the son of the Vice President doing on the board of directors of a foreign corporation that pumps natural gas from the ground? He’s selling access.

Bernie? He’s promoting the Green New Deal.

That seems to be what the elites in both parties are about. We have money, and we’re going to buy access to politicians that ordinary people can’t afford. We understand the psychology of a gift. We understand that if we give a politician a large sum of money, he “owes us” something. We understand that when we give a large sum of money to a politician, that we have a reasonable expectation for something in return. We want access to our lawmakers that the common man can’t have. We want laws that set the common worker at a disadvantage to us. We want laws that hinder or hobble unions while we join professional associations and secure the right to regulate ourselves. We want protection from cheap labor. That’s what Joe Biden represents to me.

There is an organization that is very familiar with this dynamic. They are one of the most successful organizations in the world to join if you ever want to stop drinking. They are Alcoholics Anonymous. In their “big book” of Alcoholics Anonymous, they talked about the influence of big money in their organization. They had one member who recovered, started a successful business, and he wanted to make a very large contribution to AA, in gratitude.

Then unrest ensued. There were endless fights over what to do with the money. We should build a recovery center, they said. And with each passing week, the unrest grew louder and louder as they tried in vain to decide how to use that building. They fought over how they were going to staff that building, and how they were going to pay the people who worked in that building. They eventually abandoned the idea and declined the gift.

Their experience was so sour, that they made it a point in one of their Twelve Traditions to never take big money from anyone, ever. AA made it a point to keep their organization poor so as to keep the focus of the organization on one thing, and one thing only: to help people recover from the horrors of alcoholism and to stop drinking. They understood from their own experience what happens when big money tries to influence their organization. We can learn something from that experience.

In a recent town hall on Fox News, Bernie Sanders said that Joe Biden has taken money from 60 billionaires. Sanders also said that he’s taken no money from billionaires. Sanders understands the temptation of that big money. Joe Biden and his allies apparently do not. Joe Biden has spent decades working with Republicans to cut Social Security. Bernie Sanders did not. Joe Biden voted for the war in Iraq. Bernie Sanders did not. Joe Biden voted for the bailout of the banks in 2008. Bernie Sanders did not. Who between them then, is the agent of change?

Greg Palast is an investigative reporter seeking to uncover errors, corruption, and mismanagement in the way that our elections are run. He has highlighted in the past how the exit polls do not match the results. Just a few days ago, he pointed out that at this moment there are more than 3.3 million uncounted ballots in California.

There are still more uncounted ballots in Texas. And that is just from two states. We are beginning to notice the delay in counting those ballots and their purpose: to delay the award of delegates to Bernie Sanders. So we’re still a very long way from deciding a winner (NBC’s count of delegates):

NBC estimates that Biden has 836 delegates, Sanders has 686. A candidate must secure 1,991 of 3,979 delegates to win the nomination. There is still time for Sanders to win. There are still plenty of unpledged delegates to win this race. I think it’s premature for anyone to be calling for Sanders to withdraw from the race. And as you might recall, Sanders plays a very good long game in this race. He almost defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, who at the beginning, was the “presumed nominee”.

The demographic shift from old to young is unmistakable. Where Biden commands the over 65 cohorts, Sanders commands the youth vote:

This isn’t an isolated example. This is all over America. The Boomers are voting for Biden because they still have tin cans rattling in their heads with Reagan’s name on them. The young people are voting for Sanders, noting their Boomer forebears with, “WTF?” on their minds, as if to say, “Why are you, our parents, voting against us?”

That demographic shift is why we have seen the Republicans in the United States Senate exhibiting a laser focus on the courts. They know that in 10 years or less, there won’t be very much support for their kind of politics. Elite Democrats know this, too, but they were quietly voting with Republicans on a fair number of Obama picks that were renominated by Trump. Somehow, we didn’t get that in the news over the last few years.

I note also, the anxiety some people have expressed over Biden’s apparent cognitive decline. Biden supporters must surely be aware as a growing contingent of Republicans are making clear, that Biden is not entirely coherent. Contrary to what the establishment press would like us to believe, Joe Biden is dealing with something much more than a stutter. He is at times, unable to manage his impulses, to know where he is, what race he’s in and which woman is his sister. Elite Democrats are hoping they can get Sanders to shut down so that there isn’t another debate.

This is why I say, and hope, that Sanders stays in this race at least until the convention is over in July. The longer Sanders stays in the race, the harder it will be for Biden’s handlers to hide his weaknesses. The more debates we have, the merrier. But I suspect that the Democratic elites are plotting to use the coronavirus as a ruse to cancel the next debate. They have already canceled a forum where Biden and Sanders were to appear together. Eliminating those opportunities is uppermost in the minds of the top Biden Supporters.

But if Biden manages to prevail in July, there will be no such reprieves as the GOP will be keen to get Biden in a few debates with a fairly coherent Trump. Trump knows how to turn the vacuous smile of his opponent into a political asset. I’ve seen him do it.

So let’s not count Sanders out. Let him carry on until we know for certain, the outcome of all of our efforts in this primary election. We owe at least that much to ourselves. We want to know for sure if Sanders will win it. I want to know.

Write on.

Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

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