So, lets see if we can work through this point by point. I read your piece on the same subject. You’re definitely entitled to your opinion, and it is your right to disagree. This reply to your comment is for you and the peanut gallery.

Your first point is on the leak of the original letter. I could see how this could be a problem. The timing of the leak is rather interesting. But there is something else. It seems that Mitch McConnell has called for an investigation into the leak of Mrs. Ford’s letter. I suspect that Mrs. Feinstein is pretty good with confidentiality, after all, she’s a woman and a senior member of Congress. You don’t get there if you lose ships with loose lips.

I’m inclined to think that after the first hearing for Kavanaugh, people began to do some fact checking and found some inconsistencies. Maybe even some lies. In fact, I found a nice tidy list of “inconsistencies” put forth by Kavanaugh. You can find them right here on Medium:

I read that list. I submit that Kavanaugh has perjured himself at least once, and that would very likely lead to impeachment if there was a clear shot at it. The letter seems to me to have been used as a distraction from the other “dirt” on Kavanaugh. But I digress.

The timing of the leak came after the first hearings, which suggest that more than one person noticed and that some cover, some distraction was needed. We don’t know who leaked the letter, but I would not be surprised to find out that it was someone who didn’t want us to notice all the other stuff going on with Kavanaugh.

Your second point: Political punditry from Taylor Swift. I’ve read her writing. She’s rather articulate, even persuasive. Have you even bothered to read what she has to say? I especially agree with her on Marsha Blackburn since that Congress critter votes for anything that land her more money from the AT&T and Time Warner. I’ve been following her rants on Net Neutrality and Blackburn is far from persuasive on that point alone.

3rd point: Trump is “criticizing women”? No, he’s mocking them. When I see someone mocking another in public discourse, I see someone with no substantive arguments to offer. That’s a distraction, not an element of debate. Yes, Trump mocks Ford for her memory, but he’s silent on what she did remember. She is 100% certain it was Kavanaugh. That much I believe.

4th point: At the last minute an unsubstantiated allegation comes to light. Who waited until the last minute? Both parties dragged their feet. I heard it back and forth during that hearing. As far as whether the claims are substantiated, Kavanaugh didn’t have the courage to stop the hearing and ask the FBI to dig in deep. He was given that opportunity more than once. He blinked. Oh, I guess you can say that he “took the 5th” in a very subtle way. Then again, Kavanaugh wants to avoid the midterms since the outlook is that the House now leans Democrat for November, with one I’ve seen that says that 68 GOP seats are definitely in play.

5th point: As to your point about how those people should be “smacked down hard” smells somewhat authoritarian. That’s exactly what I see in Trump. So you think they should be punished for speaking out against their assailant. Sounds authoritarian. Fortunately, there’s a pretty good argument that there is no statute of limitations to charge Kavanaugh with a crime of sexual assault if enough corroborating evidence to sue could be found.

Did you really think that the FBI conducted a thorough investigation? I didn’t. Even during the hearing, none of the other witnesses that Ford wanted to call were called. Kavanaugh’s witnesses who submitted statements were not cross examined like Ford or Kavanaugh was. And wheeling out an experienced prosecutor seemed more for intimidation than anything else. I guess those big boys could not ask the questions themselves.

6th point: Kid gloves. Yes there were kid gloves alright. Sympathetic softballs from Republicans to Kavanaugh and the same from Democrats to Mrs. Ford. Who had the most to lose? Ford or Kavanaugh? Kavanaugh has all the friends in high places. Ford could be destroyed. Even if Kavanaugh were not confirmed, he’d still have his job on the second highest court in the nation.

You’ve really given me a lot of food for thought, Tony. Your reply to my article is very much appreciated.

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