So I watched the video. His British accent might make him more palatable, but in general, I found disagreement with much of what he said. I watched the entire video, and though I could see that he was really trying hard to make good points, I kept coming back to the same themes running through my head as I listened to him.

He attempted to score points with the profit motive.

Most of what he says assumes that people who have seen the video are not capable of thinking for themselves and that they are easily manipulated.

He conflates “bad men” with, “we’re just asking for better behavior”.

He makes an assumption that abuse is a part of masculinity. This was at the point where a man, upon seeing a young woman, was going to pursue a woman out of pure attraction, nothing more. Is that masculine? Where is the context for any relations at all?

Yes, Grim Jim does have an opinion, and he is entitled to his own opinion, and it was definitely lukewarm.

I do note that you really didn’t put your opinion here, in your own words, instead, you choose to use a proxy to represent you. I think that when you can use your own words to state your disagreements with me, then perhaps we could have an honest debate about the commercial.

I spent 32 minutes watching that video. I’m not sure it was worth the time to watch it. Is it worth the time to you to state your opinion in your own words?

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Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

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