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Senator Mike Lee was Elected in a Tea Party Wave — Now He’s “Mr. Establishment”

Evan McMullin is a lot closer to winning than the “champion of term limits” Senator would like.

5 min readAug 9, 2022


I am relieved to see that one of the biggest shills for Big Business, has a worthy challenger on his hands. I don’t like Mike Lee. I will admit that he has had a tiny few ideas that I’ve liked. But he’s a member of the Party of No. He’s famous for his “no” votes. And he’s voted for all three of Trump’s nominees for the Supreme Court. And I’m glad he’s got a challenger that’s making him sweat.

That challenger is Evan McMullin. So far, I’m not pleased that our best shot at unseating Mr. Tea Party is a former CIA employee. But I have to admit that I like the way he’s expressed some progressive sentiments. I really love how Senator Lee’s ad pops up at me when I search for McMullin’s platform:

Yeah, I bet there’s zero communication between Mike Lee and his little political action committee. But back to McMullin’s platform. Here’s what I found:

Of course, there’s not a word in there about drug patents and how they needlessly mark up prices at public expense while the government foots most of the bill. But pricing transparency is a start. Notice also that he’s not talking about Medicare for All. That’s the Utah thing. They think they’re so independent. And allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices as the biggest buyer in America, that’s pretty reasonable. So there’s hope.

I just want to get rid of Mr. No. I want to get rid of Mr. Rigid. I want him to know that to me he’s become, Mr. Establishment. And I really did not like his friendship of convenience with former president Trump.

Note also that I don’t hate Mr. Lee. He’s probably an affable guy that can carry on a conversation with anyone. I’m sure that he’s courteous, you know…like a lawyer is courteous. I’m still thinking of…