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Russia’s Unstoppable Momentum: The Force Yet to be Found

Without an educated, skilled, and motivated middle class, it is impossible for America to continue its proxy war with Russia.

6 min readNov 24, 2023


From the beginning, a disinterested third-party observer could plainly see that Ukraine wasn’t going to win the war with Russia. They’re not winning now. They’re not going to win. Their counteroffensive ended in spectacular failure. The numbers simply aren’t there, and given the current political situation, they will not magically materialize.

Unless the people in power in America and Europe can tolerate an educated, skilled, and self-sufficient middle class, we will not be able to help countries like Ukraine.

The upper bounds of the studies and surveys I’ve read suggest that Ukraine has lost 500,000 soldiers. Ukraine has lost about a third of its population due to emigration — people leaving Ukraine. Ukraine is completely dependent now on foreign money to finance the operation of the government. Ukraine is completely dependent on foreign arms in every capacity, bullets, shells, and missiles. Absent all of the aid that has been sent to Ukraine, Ukraine must surrender.

But I think the situation is even worse than we are allowed to believe if we read the mainstream press. I put the emphasis on reading because air time is expensive. Characters in text are cheap. The barriers to entry are far lower in text than in video. The intelligence is better in text than in video.

While I do read the mainstream news, I keep thinking of the ads. I stopped watching commercially supported TV years ago because I kept reading studies and articles about how advertising has become a science. I hated the way the ads interrupted my train of thought with the best science available. I hated the attacks on my brain. And I never forgot the book my parents bought when I was a kid, “Subliminal Seduction”.

When I see any news about the war in Ukraine and now Israel, I remind myself constantly that there are commercial interests at work promoting the narrative. I remind myself that those wars are a distraction for us and that they keep us from doing what we should be doing. They are designed to keep us poor, in debt, and…