Relief On The Horizon?

Biden is probably 6 electoral votes and a few lawsuits away from ending Trump’s presidency.

3 min readNov 5, 2020


This is a sight for sore eyes:

Biden is leading by 3.4 million votes. There are still about two million more to be counted. The Trump campaign has filed hundreds of lawsuits to stop the counting. That is astonishing when I think about it. This president intends to win the election through the courts? Biden has a legal team to match. The lawsuits so far have had a chilly reception in the lower courts and they’re not gaining much if any traction.

As much as I dislike both men, I like Trump even less. At least with Biden as vice president, we had some semblance of peace in the country. Yes there were protests, and yes we had some natural disasters, but at least we had national leadership to count on.

I really don’t get that sense about Trump. Trump has been the most divisive president I’ve ever seen. He has been sowing division from the time that he set foot off that escalator to announce his candidacy. I have yet to see one unifying act by this president. And all that division is tiring.

If Joe Biden says he wants to unify the country, I will give him the benefit of the doubt, just like I did for Trump when he started. I really didn’t know what to make of Trump when he started. But as the years rolled on, as the conflicts and divisions in this country grew, I began to see Trump as more of a distraction than anything else. I saw that he wasn’t really adding much that was productive to our discourse. I saw that he was president to line the pockets of his allies and himself.

So I’ve been thinking of a return to normal. I’m not even sure that’s possible now. I think we may have to just accept what we have as the new normal until we can put the virus behind us. Biden was part of what brought us here. I saw how the elite Democrats sidetracked Bernie Sanders. I believe that if Bernie Sanders had won the nomination, he would have defeated Trump the first time. I think we might be having a very different conversation today had a more liberal candidate won the Democratic nomination.

Today I’m looking for a unifier. Sanders has been campaigning hard for Joe Biden. Sanders knows how to work across…