Rachel, thanks for putting all of together in one article. Millennials are the largest demographic in America, some 83 million strong. I think it is only a matter of time before they find their power and start to represent themselves.

Yes, the GOP is spooked and that is evident by the way they seek to hinder or even remove access to polls where liberals may live. I have seen reports that the GOP is mortally terrified at just how liberal young people are, and they have been responding with reduced access, and chilling free expression in forums.

I am surprised to see how worried parents are that their children might be influenced by other people with views that differ from their own. I want my kids to be exposed to many different political viewpoints and I will teach them how to think for themselves based on available information. I will be teaching my kids about civics and monitoring discussion and debate in school.

If anything, parents must remain engaged with their kids throughout their education. It is clear from your article that the older generation is not really engaged with the younger generation. The older generation seems to be saying, “I got mine, good luck getting yours.”

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