Progressives Are Nothing But Trespassers To Joe Biden And The DNC

Nevermind the duopoly. Move along now.

After I watched the debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, I spent some time reviewing my Twitter feed to see what kinds of analysis came out and compared it to articles in the media. While most of the articles I saw in what we call “mainstream media” called Biden the winner, the people in my Twitter feed were quick to note the lies of Joe Biden and his lapses in memory, or as some people were generously putting it, “dealing with his stutter”.

Joe Biden was remarkably lucid, yet he insisted on saying that he didn’t seek to cut Social Security benefits with Republicans on numerous occasions, despite numerous videos posted online, showing that’s exactly what he did. Bernie put Biden on the defensive and began to command the scope and tenor of the debate. But as many people noted, Bernie didn’t take it far enough, and he didn’t seek a knockout blow. I suppose that’s because he’s a human being with compassion. Joe Biden? He has no compassion for struggling Millennials, the largest political demographic in America.

While Joe Biden tried to look confident and flashed his “I know better than you” smile, what was really interesting to me was the comments and the attitude of Joe Biden supporters on Twitter. No longer were they calling for Bernie to drop out. There was something else, a comment by a Biden surrogate, Anita Dunn (no relation to me). Naomi Klein, author and senior correspondent at The Intercept, noted the following:

? She is a political strategist who currently serves as an advisor to Joe Biden. I felt rather incensed upon reading that comment from Anita Dunn. I had seen other pick up on it, as Klein wasn’t the only one to notice. I responded to Klein as follows:

So many people try to tell me that Sanders is not a real Democrat. So what? Trump isn’t a real Republican, either. Has anyone noticed how the leader of the party of small government is suddenly calling for massive government intervention to stop the spread of the coronavirus? I guess the free market won’t pick up the slack.

But Dunn’s comment is indicative of the arrogance of a political duopoly that is accountable to no one. Neither party is accountable to the people they claim to serve because both parties believe we have nowhere else to go.

How I miss the days when the National Organization of Women was running the debates. Back then, the candidates honored the rules. They honored the moderators. They stopped talking when their time was up. Now the debates look more like an episode of Jerry Springer or Heraldo Rivera.

So when people accuse Bernie of not being a real Democrat, especially Biden supporters who act like Bernie is just a trespasser, they need to look in the mirror. They need to see a political system that strangles third parties and independent candidates. They need to see they that their duopoly gives reason and meaning for Bernie to register as an independent when he’s done with his campaign. They need to understand that if we have nowhere to go, that we’re going to crash their party.

The framers of the Constitution did not believe in partisan politics and they knew the dangers of political parties. :

George Washington’s family had fled England precisely to avoid the civil wars there, while Alexander Hamilton once called political parties “the most fatal disease” of popular governments. James Madison, who worked with Hamilton to defend the new Constitution to the public in the Federalist Papers, wrote in Federalist 10 that one of the functions of a “well-constructed Union” should be “its tendency to break and control the violence of faction.”

Thomas Jefferson believed that “men by their constitutions are naturally divided into two parties.” And here we are today, with a two-party duopoly.

So be on notice that to Joe Biden and his centrist friends, Bernie Sanders and his supporters are just trespassers, nothing more. Joe Biden thinks that progress is better than a revolution. Well, for 50 years we’ve seen his ideas of “progress” with constant attempts to cut Social Security, an unnecessary, unpopular and unwanted bailout for the banks in 2008, and during Biden’s time in the White House, the loss of 1000 seats to Republicans (their tag team partner).

If I’m just a trespasser, then I can vote Green in November if Biden is nominated. I live in a Red State where Republicans swamp out the Democrats in the Electoral College. My vote won’t be missed by anybody but the Green Party. The Green Party needs 5% of the national vote to get the same generous funding and favorable treatment that the Democrats and Republicans currently enjoy for themselves. Let the trespassers unite in the Green Party.

Write on.

Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

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