Past experience suggests that Biden would never actually follow through on much of his platform. Like Clinton, he can always say, “This is the best we can get from the Republicans, and we’ll take it.” Besides, the money he’s taken from millionaires and billionaires will always feel like a debt he owes to them, rather than to us.

Biden has consistently compromised with Republican adversaries and lately, has been rather adamant in his opposition to Medicare For All, despite the pandemic. He’s not even president and he is ready to compromise.

I doubt his sincerity in every respect based on his history alone. But if people want to insist on Biden as the nominee, he will have to outflank Trump who is already swinging left to deal with the pandemic.

Even more worrisome is his underwhelming camera presence, which his surrogate will say, “That’s just Biden. He’s always been like that.” Less generous people will say that he’s losing his mind. FOX has been showing videos of Biden speaking incoherently and comparing enthusiasm that people have for Trump and Biden. And Trump polls much better with his own party than Biden does with his.

I really get it that many people want someone other than Trump. I just don’t think that Biden is the right man for the job. Half measures will avail us nothing, and Biden is very much a half measure.