Mitch McConnell Seems Really Upset That Big Business Is Acting Like Big Government

Crocodile tears from a man who helped create the parallel government he complains of so.

Wow. Mitch McConnell is really letting loose on the big businesses that are pulling their business, like travel and events, out of Georgia. He’s really unhappy that big business should have anything at all to say about the new election laws being put forth in 47 states, especially in Georgia. Never mind that the GOP lawmakers in Georgia were really upset about losing their precious majority in the US senate or losing the White House. Say, how about how they narrowed the score in the House? How about all the seats they did win? Oh, wait. They still want stricter laws because their victories were too, too close.

McConnell is calling out big corporations for acting like a “woke parallel government.” Well, they are. When they weren’t “woke”, McConnell was fine with them. But now that they have taken a position that is adversarial to the GOP, McConnell is unhappy and warns those businesses that want to play ball, they’re not welcome unless they toe the GOP line.

Mitch McConnell has served in the Senate for over three decades. Those great big monopolies that he helped to create were fine as long as they were disenfranchising millions of people. But the moment they began to realize and express a mutual interest with their customers and started speaking for them, then they presented a problem to McConnell and the GOP. With his claim that big business is acting like a woke parallel government, he has acknowledged his creation. And he won’t shut up until they fall in line again.

And now statehouses with GOP majorities are working to curtail the power of those big nasty corporations. Legislators want a piece of any of those big corporations that step out of line. But they’re OK if they go along with the “mountains of election fraud” narrative. If not, Republican legislators want to take away some of the benefits that accrue from being so big that they are effectively parallel governments.

Here’s the rub: it takes a big government to protect a big corporation. For all the talk about small government, the GOP sure likes big government when it goes their way. The GOP is in for a rude awakening if they succeed in their goals. There may be a serious decline in campaign funding if the GOP continues with their campaign to restrict voting rights. I see the federal lawsuits in the wings and that tells me just how serious the GOP is about restricting voting rights.

Now I’ve seen articles where Brian Kemp makes a stirring defense of the new bill they passed in Georgia. They’re expanding weekend voting. They’re legislating ballot drop boxes, and he rightly points out that if the legislature didn’t want them, they wouldn’t be there. But he has little to say about the federal lawsuits lined up against the new voting law he signed. He insists that the new law has nothing to do with voter fraud and that it only concerns the “mechanics” of how they run elections in Georgia. He says he wants to ensure free and fair elections. Well, that may be so, but I think businesses are within their rights to protest and to move out if they want to, right?

I mean, look, Trump pushed the 2017 “tax cut” bill with its provisions to cap state tax deductions at $10,000. People moved in response and the GOP thought that was funny. Wealthy Democrats who could afford to move with their liberal views moved to lower tax Red States and the races in those Red States got closer, a lot closer than they were before. But McConnell is silent on that point. He’s just unhappy that big corporations are feeling the heat from their customers and moving away from it.

Gosh, you mean boycotts are not fair? So when big business spends the last 40 years in the United States Chamber of Commerce doing everything they can to marginalize the power of workers as a “union of businesses”, that’s OK, but if workers who have money to spend should happen to organize a boycott of the businesses who support or are silent on Georgia’s new laws, that’s bad or unfair? That is a double standard if I ever saw one.

Boycotts are a free-market response to foul play in the market. Unions are a free-market response to foul play in the market. It’s almost as if anything businesses can do is cool because they create jobs, but if most of their jobs suck, it's bad for workers to organize or protest. It’s bad for workers to have a say because they’re too dumb to run a business. Wait. Did I just say that? I did, but that’s the implied message I get from the GOP.

I am shocked, shocked! that McConnell would be so overt as to call big business a parallel government. I’m pleased that he did. I want the world to understand that the absence of government is not what makes us free. I want people to know that you can’t have that big business without a really big government to enable it to do good or bad. People have a strong tendency to organize into ‘organizations”. The question is who gets to decide who organizes and for what purpose.

What McConnell is saying is that as long as big business is “conservative” that’s OK. Newsweek tells us that as far as McConnell is concerned, Citizens United was cool as long as the people with the money support the GOP. But woe betides big business if they should adopt communist, socialist, or liberal politics.

I’m really glad that McConnell made his desires so explicit, and I see him as a mouthpiece for the GOP. I see him as someone who expresses the highest level of thinking in the GOP. Now I have a better idea of what they’re thinking thanks to McConnell’s statements.

Write on.

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