Milt, your comment here says in so many words, we lose because Democratic candidates are not liberal enough. Bernie is more liberal the the rest of the field save for Marianne Williamson. Bernie is trouncing every other Democrat in fundraising. I’d say at this point he has a pretty decent shot at winning the nomination.

You say that you’re tired of losing? During two Obama Administrations, Democrats lost more than 1000 seats at the state and federal level. In the last midterm election, Democrats gained a net of 250 seats nationwide, and many of those winners used at least some of Bernie’s talking points. I’d say that the evidence contradicts what you’re saying.

And just a day or two ago, Bernie drew a crowd of 13,000 in New York on a snowy day.

No, I don’t worship Bernie. I just see him as a superior candidate with a very consistent message. You’re welcome to poo-pooh him all you want. I still support Bernie. If you call me “emotional”, I see that as a put-down, just another elbow in my ribs to change my mind. Right?

Now, if Bernie doesn’t win the nomination, I can still vote for the Green Party if I want to. Why? I live in a deep red state and my vote doesn’t amount to much with the way the electoral college works, though that may change in 5–10 years. I want the DNC to know how I really feel, and I want to keep them honest.

I see Bernie as the biggest draw the Democrats have, and there isn’t much they can do about it. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez campaigne with Bernie in 2016, and she won her own seat in Congress with what she learned from working in that campaign. They both know how to win, Milt. They are tired of losing, too.

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