Memories Must Be Short In South Carolina

Joe Biden wins the primary for a day, demonstrating that not everyone remembers what he did as Vice President.

It was no surprise to me to see Joe Biden win South Carolina. I’ve been watching Joe’s polling and he has consistently polled well there. In fact, I don’t think anyone was surprised to see him win there yesterday. Not even Bernie Sanders. What did surprise me was to see that one Superdelegate Terry McAuliffe went so bold as to endorse Joe Biden. Like it’s somehow “safe” to endorse a candidate just because he wins one state, and still months before the convention is upon us.

I was rather incensed by the audacity of Mr. McAuliffe. Clearly, he doesn’t remember what we went through in 2016, with the press constantly hounding the Superdelegates for their endorsements. It is as clear now as it was then, that the press would really, really like to see someone stop Sanders. That person, for now, seems to be Joe Biden.

It would seem then, that the elite press hounds would rather have another 4 years of Trump for they have failed to see one overriding fact about Joe: Joe Biden is running on a platform that lost more than 1000 seats across the country during Obama’s presidency. That platform is normalcy.

During 8 years of Obama, Democrats lost more than 1000 seats in statehouses across the country and in Congress. Those losses gave Republicans the power they needed to gut the Voting Rights Act, gerrymander districts across the country and fill courts with judges of like mind, regardless of the fact that the courts are supposed to be neutral interpreters of the laws. All those losses gave rise to the conditions that gave us Trump.

Joe Biden is a friend to Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a friend to President Obama. You can see where this is going. They are all friends to the American Aristocracy, and they are not interested in true and lasting reform. They want to go back to “normal”: stagnating wages, rising inequality, and bailouts for bankers who make bad loans.

Part of the infuriation that working Americans felt with the bailouts is that there was no one at the top for them. That includes Joe Biden. After Obama won, Joe Biden sat there like an idiot while the bankers got bailed out and everyone else got shafted. Worse, Joe Biden gave no opposition to filling the cabinet with men and women from a list handpicked by the bankers. Not everyone could see this, but we could feel it. Barack Obama and Joe Biden are a part of the American Aristocracy, and they are not very interested in reform. If they were, Democrats would not have lost so many seats across the country. Hillary would have won.

All of that means that Joe Biden made a massive contribution to the conditions that were ripe for Trump to win in 2016. The polling was off. Closet Trumpers lied to the press in the polls, saying they’d vote for Hillary, when they wanted Sanders, and many of them eventually turned to Trump when they couldn’t have their candidate as the nominee. You can blame them if you want, but Hillary was a terrible candidate.

Joe is turning out to be Hillary 2.0. Lagging in the polls, his campaign twisting in the wind, and still, there are people who hold out hope for Biden. His win in South Carolina gives some people hope for a moderate to run against Trump. Hillary was a moderate too, and we all know how that went.

There is a giant gulf between Biden and Sanders. As a moderate, Joe can credibly call for cuts to social safety net programs and still be taken seriously. Sanders has never called for cuts to Social Security, or Medicare. Where Joe Biden thinks “incrementalism”, Sanders thinks big. Where Sanders calls for big, big changes, Joe calls for a return to “normalcy”.

Normalcy? You mean like drone strikes, deportations galore, and nudges and winks to the banks when they behave badly? Is that the normal you want, Joe? If so, that road is paved with Trump 2.0. I can see a plausible scenario where Joe might win against Trump. But Joe isn’t much better than Hillary, which means his chances of winning are that much smaller. Sanders polls much better against Trump than Joe does.

I’ve already seen people on Twitter saying that if the nomination is stolen from Bernie, that they will stay home or not vote. A vote for Joe Biden, like a vote for Trump, is a vote for oligarchy. But when Democrats and independents who would rather vote for Trump than Joe turn up at the polls, they will cast that vote to punish the elite Democrats who insist on giving cover to the people who lost to Trump in 2016.

This is why I say that a vote for Biden is really just another vote for Trump. We’ve tried the Biden way and found it wanting. We’ve let Obama do his thing and found it wanting. If Obama was right, Hillary would have won and it wouldn’t even have been close. That’s why I voted for Sanders the first and the second time. That’s why I contribute to his campaign. The modern Democratic moderate is a Republican wannabe. I support Sanders because I want the contrast between Trump and the Democratic nominee to be so sharp, that there is zero confusion about what we’re asking for when we cast our vote.

Biden is a confusing and bewildering shade of Dorian gray. Sanders is a bright shade of blue, and there is no confusion about the hue.

Write on.

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Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

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