Lori, thanks for your response. Grim Jim was a bit of a slow, tentative, even deliberate talker. I suppose that I lacked a certain amount of patience for him, but I did watch the entire video and I did find some agreement with him, it just seemed to me that he was making excuses rather than pointing to the solution.

I am very much in agreement with you on the conversation. The comments that I saw under Gillette’s YouTube ad were not so civil. What Jim Grim has done is he kept it civil. This is something I really appreciate. He wasn’t insulting and he wasn’t vitriolic. He really did make a good go of expressing his views without calling anyone out as “bad”.

I think that is what I want to see in a debate. Keep it factual, less name calling, and keep the agenda up front so that we can all see where this is going. Civility and restraint are some of the things I look for in debating style and in political discourse, in general.

I was also inspired to see Gillette willing to take risk by talking about a controversial subject. I would like to see more of that because I really don’t see anything wrong with making the world a better place and making a living while doing so.

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