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It’s Difficult to Help Your Friends Win Their Wars When You’ve Beaten Your Middle Class

Ukraine isn’t doing so hot these days. Israel would really like to get some sleep.

6 min readFeb 13, 2024


Ukraine could really use a lot more money. More shells. More tanks. Air support would be nice, too. But it's fighting a war with Russia without enough support from neighboring states or the United States. Every time Zelensky goes to an international confab, he’s the only one visibly begging for money. And firing a “popular” general within the armed ranks has really bad optics.

You know, if you’re winning a war, you don’t fire anyone. You keep things stable. You let your team know that they have a place in the ranks. You give them the support they need. But Zelensky seems to ignore all the warnings. He’s ignoring all the advice he’s been given by the West. He's acting like he’s going to defeat Russia and get the land back.

I wonder if he ever broods about not signing a peace agreement with Russia when he had a chance almost a year ago.

On February 13th, the Senate passed a bill to send more money and arms to Ukraine and Israel. That bill looks pretty dead in the House. The Republicans hold a paper thin majority in the House and there is a small, but large enough contingent that wants a border deal as the price to pay for more aid to Israel and Ukraine. It’s kind of ironic that anyone in Congress wants to secure the border.

Undocumented aliens are great for cheap, disposable labor. They also pay taxes. Their taxes are withheld whether they are legal or not. They depress wages for the rest of us.

They mess with the tax returns of citizens everywhere, but they’re here. Many of them are working. And many of them came from countries where America has had a hand in the politics and economies of the countries where the immigrants come from. It’s not like America has clean hands.

Both parties are playing immigrants like a football with the border. The border, Israel, Palestine and Ukraine. That’s an interesting set of priorities. Nothing in there about how American’s can’t afford a home. Nothing in there about houses with 6 or 7 cars in front of them. Nothing in there about dealing with greedflation.