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It is Incredibly Hard to Understand Why Liberals Want War with Russia

It’s so weird that liberals are the people doing everything they possibly can to prevent de-escalation in Ukraine.

5 min readJan 31, 2023


I read liberal and conservative opinions. I like to see how the other side thinks. I like to know what they’re planning. This is one reason why I got on Trump’s mailing list after he was banned from Twitter. If I want to know what the other side thinks, I have to listen to them.

I’ve been listening. I’m a liberal who reads the National Review, The America Conservative, and even The Washington Examiner. I might read the New York Post just to see what’s up over there. At the same time, I read the New York Times, the Washington Post, and a fair number of liberal sites about the economy.

But in terms of a true desire for peace, a sheer willingness to look at our own faults and missteps that lead up to the war in Ukraine, conservative journalism and opinion are far more introspective and pacifist than the liberal media. I really hate to say that the liberals are the warmongers and the conservatives are the people who are calling for de-escalation. But I have to say it.

I am bewildered by all the vilification and demonization of Russia. It wasn’t really until Trump entered the political scene as a candidate for president that a certain American faction began to tie Russian meddling in elections with Trump. The logic seems to go like this:

You don’t like Trump and that he won even one election? Well, it was the Russians that did that. They had bots on Twitter. They were spreading misinformation on Facebook. They hacked our voting machines. They’re a direct threat to our democracy. And now Russia is attacking Ukraine. Russia is bad, really bad. You should want to go to war with Russia. Really.

If we bring up other evidence that disputes the narrative, we’re labeled as Russian proxies, Putin apologists, and useful idiots. The label has a purpose: to delegitimize our views. Just label the opposition and ignore them. Make sure to tag them so that other people will ignore them, too. Make sure that anyone who promotes a negotiated settlement to the war is seen, but not heard.