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Israel Can Have Their War as Long as They Can Keep Manufacturing Consent

Most Americans don’t wake up on election day to vote for a very inefficient genocide.

5 min readDec 8, 2023


We are two months into something called “a war”, that is situated in Israel and Gaza. More astute observers refer to the pummeling that Israel is delivering to Gaza, as a genocide. Israel is committing genocide on a class of people that it deems subordinate to Israel. Those “subordinate people” are living in territory that has an increasing probability of moving from the State of “Gaza” to “Israel”.

16,000 people are dead. Thousands of children are dead. And the best that Joe Biden can do is say to Israel, “Be careful over there. Avoid killing any civilians as best ya can, ya hear?”

Note that I did not precede Biden’s name with his title, “Mr. President”. I’m not even sure he knows he’s president. But he seems very aware that this war could cost him the election in 2024. I seem to recall that I voted for Biden in the general election a few years ago because I didn’t want Trump for president again. But this war is not what I voted for.

“We stand by Israel” is the mantra of the Biden Administration. So every few days, I send tweets to Joe Biden, the Democratic National Committee, and my Republican senators (both staunch supporters of Israel). I let them know of my unhappiness with this war. I let them know that I didn’t vote for this war. I write letters to tell them that it’s time to drop all funding for Israel, a country that has shown very little restraint in their assault against the Palestinian people.

And now I see that things are changing a bit. Mitchell Plitnick at Mondoweiss tells us that the Biden administration has stepped back a bit. The Biden team has used a word that I’ve used to describe Israel’s Dresden-style bombing campaign:

Biden referred to Israel’s initial bombing attack, prior to its ground invasion, as indiscriminate,” and that was a phrase his people didn’t walk back. It’s always difficult to know whether to read more into Biden’s words since he so frequently doesn’t seem to know what he’s saying, but the comments from not only the President but others in the administration show that they are feeling the domestic…