Not a day goes by that I don’t see another story telling us how Trump is yet again vulnerable to impeachment. The Mueller Report, witnesses talking, subpoenas and lawsuits to stop them, and all of them make for a big story that the press can use to make money. Impeachment is also one big distraction from other, more pressing matters.

Trump is the ultimate contrarian. Wherever and whenever Democrats want something, Trump is there to say “no”. Trump is defying Congress. He is encouraging members of his cabinet to defy Congress. He is withholding documents left and right. He is making statements that seem outrageous.

Trump is counting on a stacked court system to protect him. He’s nominated and seated more judges than any other president in history, and he knows it. All matters will start in the lower courts and Trump has nominated a large number of well-placed judges to defend him. He now has a conservative majority on the bench of the Supreme Court, including a judge who has a tendency to ignore stare decisis. That would be Brett Kavanaugh. If he were liberal, he’d be declared “an activist judge”.

But in all of this furor, Trump is really only playing to a Republican base. A dwindling Republican base. Trump and his allies play well on Fox News. His stories play well in conservative media. But polling is showing that no matter who is nominated by the Democrats, 52% of voters say that they will vote against Trump.

Could we say that Trump is looking like a one-term president? Probably. He could still win the Electoral College unless enough states join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. That agreement would do serious damage to the power maintained by the midwestern states. Those states helped to elect Trump despite losing the popular vote.

Can we impeach Trump? Judging by recent votes in the Senate, there are too many Senators fearful of voting against Trump. There are too many Senators fearful of actually exercising oversight of the executive branch. We saw this when Republicans held a majority in the House, too. If you ask me, most Republicans in the House and the Senate are terrified at the prospect of having to vote against Trump when they disagree with him.

To the Democrats, I’d say keep investigating, but don’t go Benghazi. Just quietly dig away, chip away, and peel away, the veneer of secrecy behind Trump. I think it’s only a matter of time before someone figures out a way to leak important documents, and do so anonymously. I think it’s only a matter of time before Republicans in Congress figure out that Trump is selling more rope than unity, prosperity or peace.

To the Democrats, I’d say, focus on the prize of winning elections. Set Trump aside and tell us what you can do for our country. Tell us how you can make our country a better place. And remember that Trump is a master of the negative campaign. So deny him the attention that he craves so much and focus on you and the positive things you will do if elected or re-elected.

To the Democrats I say, focus on the Green New Deal, Medicare for All and infrastructure. Focus on ways we can evolve our economy from one that just works for the top 1% to one that works for all of us.

Democrats, the impeachment of Donald Trump isn’t as important as serving all of us. Impeachment will only lead you down the rabbit hole of the negative campaign, a hole with Trump and his base lying in wait for you. Trump will taunt you, cajole you, smear you, even, but you must not take the bait. Keep digging quietly but let that not be the focus of your work.

Democrats, your focus should be squarely on the job of getting elected and/or re-elected on the positive messages you have for our people. A message of unity, a message of peace, a message of ubiquitous prosperity.

Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

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