If Trump Is Really Serious About Hunter Biden…

…indictments would have flown a long time ago.

Ever since the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s email and his apparent crimes, I’ve noticed something. No mas. No court filings, no indictments, no perp walks, nothing. Just a lot of puffery in the court of public opinion.

Maybe it would be bad form to file charges against Hunter or Joe Biden during a hotly contested election. They must be really afraid of something, but so far, it’s not clear what anyone in the DOJ would be afraid of. Maybe they just lack evidence. Maybe they’re hoping to keep their jobs if Trump loses.

Maybe Trump knows that making threats is better than suing. Prosecution is expensive. Prosecution is irreversible. And a criminal trial might force them to come up with the evidence to prove what they were saying in the first place, during an election year. I suppose the last thing they want is to go to trial, lose in court, and then have to explain that to voters just before an election.

This is something that I find very interesting about the whole New York Post affair. Their arguments are not about whether or not Hunter Biden should be prosecuted for any alleged misdeeds. The entire affair seems designed to provide three things:

  1. Animus against Joe Biden’s family.
  2. Discontent over social media content moderation.
  3. A threat of legal action without actually taking any action.

All of the insinuations and allegations about Hunter Biden are intended to cast doubt upon Joe Biden as a candidate. I can think of many other reasons why Joe Biden is not a very good candidate, but most of those are political or philosophical disagreements with him. He has proven himself with President Obama and I sense that he may well prove himself again. I’m aware of the stutter and his mental efforts to avoid stuttering, but no one has ever done a cognitive test of Joe Biden to prove or disprove his mental fitness for the job. But if he takes that test, then so does Trump. And I doubt that Trump would do it.

This bit about Hunter Biden is really just something to rile up the base in Trump’s camp. It has no real legitimacy for it if it did, then indictments would fly. Even in an election year. You know, dictators like to do that. They like to throw their opponents in jail, too. So maybe there have been no indictments because that would really energize Biden voters. I think on some level Trump knows this, and maybe he doesn’t really want to look like a dictator.

So they want animus, but not too much animus. And they want to make sure it’s pointed in the right direction. Prosecuting Hunter or Joe Biden during a hotly contested election might not serve Trump’s interests, so the best thing to do is to gossip about them and make threats.

The handling of the New York Post article and its distribution on social media could have been done better I suppose. But it’s better for Trump if the perception is that the article has been “censored”. The article has not been censored. Anyone could go to the New York Post website and read it. We can still share links to it. We can comment on the article. What’s happening to the story in social media is content moderation, not censorship. Yes, there is some bias, but I still see the story in my feeds. I know it’s there. I’ve read it.

It’s true that there are problems with the story. No one has actually verified that the stolen laptop really belonged to Hunter Biden. No forensic analysis has been done. No logs have been presented. If there was a case to be made, it would have been made long ago without the laptop. Someone with access to the relevant data systems could dig up the logs and show a digital trail of evidence.

Stealing the laptop breaks the chain of custody. So in that sense, there is no evidence, at least not yet. Prosecutors won’t touch it if there isn’t enough evidence or if the evidence is tainted in some way.

So if someone decides to prosecute, the evidence had better be good. Notice that Trump is not pressing for the prosecution of Hunter Biden now, despite holding rallies to chants of “lock him up!”. Notice that Trump didn’t tell them to cool it. Gosh, when I hear stories like that, I think, “authoritarian”. I am beginning to think that Trump is kind of a dictator.

So this whole thing with Hunter Biden is a “nothingburger”. There is no policy here, nothing that people can use to assess how Trump will act as a leader for the next four years should he win the election. God knows we’re tired of Trump. I’m tired of hearing his name. I’m tired of seeing Mr. Bellicose on TV, in my social media threads, and strutting around like he knows what he’s doing. Everyone rises to their own level of incompetence. Trump did that 4 years ago.

Write on.

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Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

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