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If Escalation in Ukraine is a Drug, Fear of Nuclear War is the High

Vengeance is addictive. Addicts heed the call to war.

5 min readOct 5, 2022


On October 5th, Elon Musk was on Twitter talking about the war in Ukraine. A lot of people were not happy with him. He suggested that the UN should supervise the elections in Ukraine about joining Russia or staying with Ukraine.

Every time he said anything that hinted at possible defeat for Ukraine, or that there might be a nuclear war, the people who supported Ukraine pounded him. They descended upon him as if to question the cause at all was morally wrong. All he did was take a poll:

He started a dialog, too. Those who disagreed with his statements were often intent on exacting vengeance for just questioning Ukraine’s response to the invasion and to the referendums held by Russia in eastern Ukraine. So he took another poll:

He got a much better, maybe even more nuanced response this time. It’s pretty hard to argue with that question. But again, there were people who questioned the basis for the poll. There were a lot of invectives sent back to him. You know, verbal vengeance.

I can recall how Russia offered terms of peace at the very beginning. In March there were reports of significant progress on a 15-point plan for peace. And then, Ukraine refused upon the urging of the US and the UK. Seeing that they had backing from the US and UK, Ukraine decided to escalate instead of pursuing peace.

I see nothing but escalation all around. Russia was winning in the beginning. Then Ukraine received massive assistance from The West. They have more advanced weapons now. They have longer-range weapons now. They believe that they are fighting on principle. I’m not sure what principle…