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If Biden Can’t Debate 2024 From a Podium, a Witness Stand Will Suffice

The DNC doesn’t want a primary debate.

5 min readSep 16


The House has started an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden. Even an unsuccessful impeachment could be enough to stop American support of the war in Ukraine. Then Biden couldn’t just gloss over the investigation about his son’s laptop and continue on as if nothing had happened.

Even if it would never fly in the Senate, The House of Representatives is right to launch an impeachment inquiry. If Biden isn’t going to debate fellow Democrats, then I want to see his presidency debated on the floor of the House. I want to see Joe Biden give testimony. I want to see a truly adversarial proceeding. An inquiry into Hunter Biden’s dealings in Ukraine will be about as close as we’ll ever get to an honest debate about Biden’s fitness as president of the United States.

Most presidential debates are scripted. The questions are screened so that only the softballs fly. No knuckleballs, no screwballs. No fastballs. And last time I checked, the GOP was not going to participate in any debate under the auspices of the Commission on the Presidential Debates.

But that’s not the most pressing debate. Biden is polling very badly among young Democrats. They want someone younger who is more in touch with their problems. They want someone who has a better sense of their pain. Joe Biden has no clue about the pain experienced by the majority of Democrats. Biden is aloof.

The Democratic National Committee is doing everything it can to swat down anyone and anything that might interfere with their plans. The courts have ruled that the DNC can choose whomever it likes as the nominee. The logic that the DNC seems to be following sounds like this:

  • Do anything and everything we can to defeat Trump but make sure he’s the GOP nominee by indicting him over and over.
  • Threaten anyone who is still on the fence with the possibility that Trump could be our next president.
  • Bury Trump with a heavy deposition schedule in the courts.
  • Focus everyone on the fact that “Biden is not Trump, therefore he’s better than Trump”
  • Avoid having any Democrat…