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I Wonder If GOP Leaders Think That Gerrymandering Is A Desirable Outcome

Boss Tweed would be so proud of the GOP right about now.

6 min readSep 10, 2019


I have to admit that I’m surprised at the gall of the GOP in Michigan to sue the Secretary of State of Michigan, seeking to declare that state’s independent redistricting commission as unconstitutional. It seems that some Republicans in Michigan are very uspet that elected representatives can’t choose their own voters. According to Vox, the Michigan GOP is raising some very interesting arguments in court to show that the creation of such a commission is an abuse of power and that it violates their rights under the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

The GOP isn’t just seeking to knock out the independent redistricting commission in Michigan, they appear to be going for broke to wipe out all of the independent districting commissions in every state that has them, to restore power to party insiders in their quest to retain control of the district drawing process. I wonder who they truly represent in this move.

It can’t be the people because, in the examples cited by the Vox article, all of the independent commissions were formed by as a result of voter-approved initiatives or referendums, a direct delegation of power from the people to the government. Their purpose? To remove the power of their respective legislatures to choose their own voters.

These independent commissions were designed with the express purpose of excluding big-time party insiders, to prevent them from controlling the process and using district boundaries to marginalize the voters. The fact that these independent redistricting commissions were formed at all is a clear indication of voter frustration and the GOP lawsuits are a very clear demonstration of the contempt that party bosses have for the will of the people.

These lawsuits pursued by the GOP also demonstrate something else: a very real fear of being relegated to permanent minority status. The GOP is very much aware that the demographics over the next two decades do not bode well for them. The Millennials, just now finding their legs, will soon find their mouths and brains to be of very good use in political struggle, and they are, in the majority, very liberal, a supremely