I was a sheet metal worker for ten years. I know what trade work is like and while there was much that I enjoyed about fabricating and installing ductwork, I didn’t enjoy the drywall dust, the fiberglass, nor the fleeting intellectual conversations I could have with my coworkers. I found construction workers to be practical and easy to get along with, if they were not too attached to beer.

As to the mortality rate, sheet metal workers at the time that I was in the trade had a higher mortality rate than the LAPD. They were prone to lose fingers, legs, and hearing. That’s why I got out. I’d rather write and use my head.

Even if Kavanaugh speaks the truth, he exposed a die hard partisanship that I do not want to see on the bench. In numerous articles here on Medium and across the media, I’ve seen his testimony picked apart as “littered with little white lies”, so I don’t believe him. And he’s too well connected to people who can clean up his record (his father was a high powered lawyer, and his was a judge). Besides, his emotional temperament in front of the committee is not someone I’d want on the bench. And it is clear they are gunning for Roe v. Wade with him in the saddle.

Trump nominated Kavanaugh not for his fitness, but for the fight. He is hoping to stir up the base for the midterms. I figure that these allegations arose because there is enough dirt on Kavanaugh to keep him on a leash, too. Funny how *none* of the other nominees in recent memory had such allegations, but Trump just happens to pick one bad, red nosed apple.

As to your question about being an object of death or sex, well, I don’t like to objectify anyone. That makes them less than human.

Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.