I think that identity politics is dead. The whole scorched earth war between Republicans and Democrats is about identity, of making oneself to be different than his fellow man. Bipartisanship is recognition that policies matter more than party.

I like you you painted both parties as having committed the sin of excusing the sins of their leaders while attacking the sins of the opposition. Both parties do it and both parties are paying the price: a divided country.

I also like that you pointed to 1980 as the moment in time when things began to change. I think that is about the time that the rules started to be written to say that income should be distributed upwards. I think that polarity increases with inequality.

I also note that 1980 is about the time that the religious right began to get their hands around the throat of the GOP. And looking back, we can see that Barry Goldwater was right about them. Their religious convictions have given them the confidence to never compromise. I guess the question for them is: do they even know what they are doing and what for?

Nice article. Avoid the partisanship for the policies are more important than identities.

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