I think I’ll take a pass on impeachment for now

I have to admit that I’m rather fascinated with the spectacle of President Trump. My fascination is not for the damage he’s doing to the country with his partial and conservative judicial appointments, a reckless cabinet built from the donor class or his trade war. My fascination is in watching the GOP in Congress either play along with him, like they know what he’s doing or, watching them try to contain him like a bull in a China shop.

See, at first, I thought he was a bull in a China shop owned by the Democrats. But the more I watch him, and I see how the damage is spreading beyond merely his opponents, the more I can see that he’s an agent provocateur. Not for the Republicans, but for the Democrats. For he is provoking the liberals in this country to action. And I believe that he will prove that impunity is a myth. It is simply not possible to hurt another without hurting oneself, too.

The partial government shutdown has been fouling our national parks with human waste. It took the park service more than a week to report a death in Yosemite. If this shutdown keeps up, tax refunds will be late. The FCC is already feeling the shutdown and I suspect that Ajit Pai is pleased to have a vacation without pay, one that he can easily afford. Thousands of workers at the department of Homeland Security are beginning to call in sick at major airports. All told, 800,000 federal employees are working (or not) without pay, and they have friends and family, and they will share their experience. Trump says most of them are Democrats and seems to think they’re getting their just desserts. How cool is that?

Even the IRS gets a kick in the pants to go home, without pay. Talk about starving the beast. This is the Republican Dream, folks.

So I think I’ll take a pass on articles of impeachment for Trump. Trump is the jackass turned joker on the Republican party. There is rising unease among Republicans in Congress, for they have no exit plan for the shutdown. And the shutdown isn’t to restrain federal spending, this is shutdown for more money.

Forget about containing the costs of the federal government. The Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, want $5 billion more for a wall to keep them out, whoever they are. Trump says we need a wall to stop the drugs, the low life, and the illegal immigration. But even College Humor will show you (video), with verified facts that most of the illegal immigration would just bypass a wall with expired visas. Most of the drugs that come into this country are due to demand we created. Remember the Domino Theory? A good chunk of the people that have come here are from Central American countries that are low hanging fruit for American intervention to keep them from becoming communist countries. And the lowlife? They want to run for Congress.

If there is going to be an impeachment, I’d rather wait until January, 2020. By then, Mueller’s investigation might finally pierce the White House with a few convictions and hard time for his targets. Heck, there might even be enough Republicans like Mitt Romney, who are willing to voice their antipathy for Trump and cast a vote to show it. And if they take down Trump, please make sure that Mike Pence goes, too.

Nancy Pelosi is right to restrain talk of impeachment for now. That can wait while we get a Green New Deal passed, or at least put Senate Republicans in a position to explain why they’re against clean air, water and soil. They might even have to explain why coal miners and oil drillers can’t do something else for a living. Impeachment can wait until we get a Medicare for All bill like HR676 to the Senate. Impeachment can wait while we restore funding to the agencies that are full of people dedicated to doing their jobs, so that those people can pay their bills.

Write on.

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Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.

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