I see the shadow of Maslow here. I also see that with all the basic needs met, self-actualization comes into play.

Humans are built to find joy in learning skills and becoming proficient at them. We find joy when we excel at the skills we learn. I think that this is the foundation for the sense of purpose we seek.

I know for myself, at my day job, I have a great feeling, a sort of euphoria, when I can apply my skills to solving a customer problem. At the moment I solve a customer problem, I’m feeling happy and I’m not thinking about the money.

Universal Basic Income would give all of us the foundation we need to have that kind of experience. All of the research I’ve read on UBI defies the Protestant Work Ethic. Your article, and UBI in general, show that people are not motivated by money, they are motivated by purpose. And I think more specifically, people are motivated by acquiring skills and doing them well.

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