I really enjoyed your article and I thought you might like some history that clearly reinforces your words here, but for different reasons. The tendency of moderate Democrats to sideline progressives and liberals has more to do with fear of losing money than idiocy.

These moderates are pretty smart. Their memories, however, are short. I offer to you, for your consideration, the following article, The Business of Politics, circa 1986. There, you will see that it’s really all about the money, honey.

Moderate fear of progressives like Sanders, Yang, Gabbard and even Warren, is not about the votes, for if it were, they’d be winning elections like clockwork. No, their fear is about losing business money. That’s why starting around the mid-80s, they went after business money, slowly at first, then with a fury later on. And that fury is still with them.

So whenever someone tells them that it is up to Hillary to attract the progressive voter, rather than the other way around, they spread their wings, stand on their tippy-toes and make threatening noises. They have yet to see that the big money strategy isn’t working for them like it does for Republicans. Neither have Republicans.

The demographics are changing and the much-maligned Millennials will finally find their place in power (they won’t have any choice about it) and, having seen the economy rolling them every year for more money, will take a more empathetic posture in terms of inequality. I think the days of the moderate Democrat are numbered, or at the very least, their influence will be quite subdued within the next 5 years, especially if they lose to Trump, again.

Check out that article, and let me know what you think. I’ll be back to read more.

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