I have enjoyed our correspondence, too. I just thought I’d clarify a point that I have made in my article. I agree with you that Trump presents some serious problems. I also believe that as serious as those problems may be, it is more important for Democrats to stay on point and work on getting elected or re-elected by focusing on and promoting progressive legislative goals.

There is no point in sending articles of impeachment to the Senate because a conviction is highly improbable at this point. By focusing on elections, they have a better chance of retaining the House and taking back the Senate. This way, even if Trump wins, and there is still a chance he might, he will face two chambers ready and willing to impeach him.

That strategy is cheap insurance and keeps the focus on getting elected, getting to a point in terms of power, to be able to follow through articles of impeachment. It will also put Republicans on defense through the elections of 2020. That is where we want them to be.

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