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How The United States of Dependency Precipitated The War In Ukraine

Anyone who thinks that the Ukraine war is about freedom is a customer in a captured market.

5 min readApr 1, 2024


I see the United States as a predator now. I didn’t used to. But I kept thinking about how 92% of the history of the United States was at war. I kept thinking about the endless class warfare in the country I call home. I kept thinking about the fact that the United States has engaged in numerous coups around the world. I kept thinking about how the United States messes with politics in other countries and then complains about our immigration problem.

The central problem with America is that we spend too much time making other people dependent upon us instead of actually making a better country to make better products that other countries would want to buy. I want to see other countries buy our stuff not out of fear of military reprisal or coup. I want to see them buy our stuff because we just make better stuff.

So when I read an article today by historian and economist, Michael Hudson it all kind of came together. In that article, Germany as Collateral Damage in America’s New Cold War, Hudson points out that the entire war is supported by business, not political interests. It’s all about creating a captured market, not a free…