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How Does Opposition to the Killing of Thousands of Children Imply Anti-Semitism?

Israel has killed thousands of kids in two months and a grandstanding member of Congress would rather challenge the presidents of Ivy League institutions than address mass murder.

4 min readDec 6, 2023


So I have a problem with the indiscriminate killing of thousands of kids in Gaza. I have a problem with war, period. But this year, this month, kids in Gaza are still dying at the hands of the Israeli Defense Force. What are they doing in Congress?

They’re debating not *if* we will send more money to Israel, but how much and when. They’re debating whether or not antisemitism is bullying. They’re paying little heed to the people who have died and will die under the guise of a war that Israel is prosecuting against Hamas.

This is what Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is doing in Congress. I guess she thinks this is more important than asking why we’re allowing so many kids to be killed, in Gaza:

Yes, I agree that calling for the genocide of Jews at school is bullying and harassment. I was bullied in school myself. I know what that feels like. Elon Musk joined the fray on X and issued the following tweet:

Now that is a more definite statement and it favors no one. The word *anyone* should be emphasized here. It elevates no single classification of any person above another. Calling for the genocide of another group of persons, no matter how politely it is phrased, is not acceptable.

Ms. Stefanik made a conscious choice to focus on this issue for a few hours, maybe a few days in preparation for the hearing in the video above. At the same time, her…