For Now, Trump Is King Of The Hill

How an unchecked exercise of power and trolling leads to untenable positions.



I think I finally have a clear picture of how Trump and his supporters see themselves. They understand that their power is temporary, so they’re going to do as much as they can while they can. They’re installing right-wing conservative judges in the federal courts as fast as they can. They got two supreme court judges in one term, and they’re waiting with bated breath for Ruth Bader Ginsberg to “expire”. Mitch McConnell in a bath of hypocrisy says that if there is a vacancy, “we’ll fill it.”

The Trump administration rolled back regulations intended to preserve the environment, and then Trump himself talks about how that will free up the economy. So we’re trading the environment for money now? Money has no value if you have no place to live without pollution. Try breathing money.

When they roll back financial regulations, fire an inspector general, or when they defy a subpoena from Congress, here is the message I get from them: “absolute immunity”. No oversight from the other branches of government, understand? No checks and balances. No adult supervision.

I have also learned that prior to the pandemic, the Trump Administration had removed the agency responsible for planning for a pandemic like it was never going to happen. They did not stockpile supplies or equipment for that eventuality. When the pandemic hit our shores, Trump acted like the coronavirus wasn’t a problem. Instead, Trump focused on impeachment rather than a disease that has now taken 88,000 lives. Starting in January, Trump spent six weeks doing something else. Maybe he was praying. Maybe he was hoping it would go away. But it’s here today.

I have wondered how we got here. I know how we got here. An article in Politico Magazine explains it very well, “What Liberals Don’t Get About Trump Supporters and Pop Culture”, and the subtitle, “The seemingly bizarre pop culture takes emanating from MAGA world are just reflections of its core philosophy.” What is their philosophy? Here is the nugget in the article:

The real explanation is much simpler and more believable: When (Brad) Parscale (Trump’s 2020 campaign manager) and his ilk approvingly identify themselves with pre-redemption Darth Vader, or Thanos, or even Dr. Evil, they surely understand those characters’ morality perfectly well. It’s not so much that Trump…